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March babies will delight in finding an ocean of aquamarine jewelry inspiration on Pinterest. If you love the fire of the traditional Round Brilliant Cut (the standard diamond engagement ring cut) and the shape of the less fiery Emerald Cut and Asscher Cut, you just may love the Radiant Cut Diamond. Please enter your email address below to hear about exclusive promotions, discounts and events.
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From contemporary couture to breathtaking antique jewels, aqua lovers will see outstanding uses of the serene blue gem in myriad designs on the popular image-sharing site. These pair of custom Radiant Cut Diamond Studs are set in platinum and really make a statement!
And while many think of aquamarine as a pale, watery (no pun), and passive blue, the Pinterest images below show the sheer color variety of this gem. Colors range from bright "Santa Maria" blue to seafoam's bluish-green with a host of shades in between.

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