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I think diamond studs are the best kind of earrings to have because they're simple, delicate, and beautiful.
All of my earrings are stud earrings but I NEVER had any diamond jewelry and now my dad came out of nowhere and bought me these diamond studs. The zoara suppliers must really know their stuff, because I can tell you that the diamond studs I ordered from the site are superior quality. My mother gave me these earrings for my birthday - she went all out, and I just love them so much. My boyfriend got me the largest karat that Zoara had to offer in this style because he knows how much I love to shine in a crowd.
I love wearing jewelery every day but I just can't get away with rings and bracelets because I work with my hands in a lab all day. I couldn't decide whether to get my wife these diamond stud earrings or a pair of diamond dangle earrings for Christmas, so I figured I'd get her both of them and she could choose - and then I would return the other pair. Gabrielle Reece attends the Opening Of Louis Vuitton Santa Monica To Benefit Heal The Bay at the Annenberg Community Beach House on August 19, 2010 in Santa Monica, California. When I first bought these diamond studs I didn't think I'd be wearing them quite this much, but they're just so comfortable, I don't even feel like I'm wearing any jewelry. The earirngs are gorgeous and that has mainly to do with the stunning gemstones set into the earrings. As a frequent purchase of jewelry for gift for all the female members of my family, I am very satisfied with this pair of diamond studs.

Ever since my husband bought me these earrings as a birthday present a few months ago, I must admit that I never take them off. I wanted a pair of earrings that I could wear any time and I knew I found them when I saw these diamond studs. But it's not every day you come across a pair of diamond studs of this level of quality at such a great price.
These are great quality as I had hoped they would be (but was a little apprehensive about the online purchase.) their quality shows and Jody looks even more beautiful than she always does. It's soooo weird to have such expensive classic jewelry but I love it I can't take them off and I take a peek at myself whenever I pass by a mirror or a glass building, to get a glimpse of how these babies look on.
The diamonds are great, not too big or overbearing and not to small so that they disappear.
I must admit I wasn't quite ready to buy her a diamond engagement ring just yet, but I'm sure that these gorgeous earrings are a good compensation :) One thing's for sure: when I do decide it's time to propose, I'll be back to Zoara to find the perfect engagement ring! Especially when I wear my hair up, and they become more noticeable, you could really see exactly how dazzling they are!
I showed them to jeweler friends and all were impressed with the clarity and quality of the diamonds. You'd think since they're relatively small no one would notice them, but actually I've been getting lots of compliments on them especially from my friends at the office. They have totally boosted my self esteem, and I walk around feeling really beautiful in them. I simply love wearing them and showing them off to everybody – the diamonds are excellent quality, and people spot me coming a mile away!

One of my co-workers even asked me where I got them so I have a feeling I won't be the only one at work wearing these diamond studs for long!
If you're looking for a classy and elegant look, no wardrobe is simply complete without a pair of these diamond studs. These were the best quality and the most affordable pair I found online and in retail stores. She said she loved both of them so much that she couldn't choose, and of course I'm totally whipped, so of course she ended up keeping both of them. To all the nice people at Zoara, I really like this product, and working with you has been a delight. I enjoy wearing them on almost any occasion, as they go perfectly with any outfit I decide to put on! I know expensive jewelry shouldn't matter, but this is just really beautiful and wearing it makes me feel rare and pretty. I feel pretty, and for a bald girl to feel really pretty like this is probably really uncommon.
They look expensive and very well cut, although the price I must say was among the most reasonable I've come across online.

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