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When an individual consumes organic matter such as food, this organic matter passes through the digestive tract before eventually making its way into the blood to become part of the body, or getting removed from the body through the rectum.
One of the key players in digestion is the small intestines, the folded part of the intestine that lies between the stomach and the colon. Not a lot of people are aware of the difference between duodenum and jejunum, which is understandable, since not everyone is a medical student or has an excess to a sample of the small intestine and a microscope. One of the primary differences between the two segments is that the former is basically the first portion of the small intestine, while the latter is the middle portion that lies between duodenum and ileum. The duodenum has a slightly different appearance than that of jejunum, with the former being C-shaped, whereas the latter appears to be a coiled tube.
Duodenum is significantly shorter as compared to jejunum, which typically extends to four metres. The number of goblet cells in the epithelium of duodenum and jejunum also differ, with the former having lesser goblet cells than the latter.
Duodenum is also different from jejunum on account of muscularis mucosa, which is continuous in the former, while interrupted in the latter. The shape of villi is also different in both duodenum and jejunum, with the former having many leaf-shaped villi, while the latter has taller, tongue shaped villi. Duodenum is the segment of small intestine where the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins take place, while jejunum is the segment where the absorption of digested products takes place. The presence of submucosal Brunner’s glands in the duodenum but not in the jejunum makes them different from each other as well. The 10-inch long, C-shaped segment of the small intestines that begins from the stomach and leads to the jejunum is called duodenum. A Hitchcockian journey of doomed romance and tragedy, Vertigo is long-winded and meandering, with as many awkward moments as highlights. John "Scottie" Ferguson (Stewart), a San Francisco police detective, suffers from acrophobia (fear of heights) that triggers vertigo. The straightforward narrative does not serve Vertigo well, with the central romance in particular creaking under the strain of implausibility. There are other large plot holes that make Vertigo's superficial narrative quite bumpy, and most of these holes have to do with sudden disappearances and one sudden appearance: where does Midge disappear to after Scottie's hospital stay? There are some delicious clues to Midge being a ghost, and the real love of Scottie's life.
This interpretation allows Vertigo's puzzle pieces to fall into place: Scottie is endlessly doomed to re-living the destruction of his love, and rather than a quite hokey and unconvincing love story, Vertigo becomes a psychological tour-de-force about the devastating and everlasting anguish of those who cannot save their lovers. Curatorial inspiration for the show came from Mike's curiosity regarding the topic of artistic identity. McClung states, “As an artist, I am almost always associated with my burnout process, but I also explore other directions in different works using mixed media, photography, water color, etc. Mike is the third artist who has been invited to curate a show as part of VERTIGO’s Emerging Curator Series. While each sculpture stands alone as an art expression, Dorothy's interest is to integrate the works into a total environment — installations that express a powerful visual and emotional sensibility.
In the selection of paintings on display, VERTIGO shows the variety of trademark styles Ralph Wolfe Cowan has created throughout the decades of his illustrious painting career.
Cowan has been featured on numerous international news and talk shows including "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," "To Tell the Truth," "Entertainment Tonight," "Texas Today," and several Japanese programs and Middle-Eastern shows.
Cowan was the only painter that Elvis ever commissioned for a portrait, and millions of people have seen his full-length painting of Elvis in the white jumpsuit hanging in Graceland, which is also the only portrait Elvis ever allowed to hang in Graceland.
Cowan was named the number one portrait painter in the world in a 2009 lecture by one of the curators at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. Even Nancy Sinatra used the one her father Frank commissioned in 1967 on her recent album cover. Alvin Pagdanganan Gregorio was born in 1974 in Los Angeles to immigrants from the Philippine Islands. No matter how much I am refusing to agree with that way of thinking, I actually understand. I am learning more and more how we inherit our familial trauma; it is passed down through our own actions, and energies, and through stories, and memories. In a conversation with a friend I had not seen in several years, she described to me a project she had been working on. In the construction of these replicant objects and assemblages I often find myself trying to pinpoint the exact moment at which the work becomes more mine than theirs.
Colorado AIDS Project is the largest community based organization in Colorado responding to HIV and AIDS. A collection of large scale works that are among Robert Strohmeier's most recent work, informed by his nearly eight decade career as an artist. Every time we address the impulsive behavior *cough-stupidity-cough* of teenagers, the obvious scapegoat of scientific circles has been the development of sex hormones. Sleep is crucial during the adolescent years because major brain redevelopment occurs while teens sleep, due to the release of important growth hormones by the pituitary gland. Sleep is regulated by cortisol, a hormone that helps us wake up, and melatonin, a hormone that makes us sleepy. Yes, hormones do play a large part in erratic behavior patterns, but there is so much more going on in the teenage brain! The prefrontal cortex of your brain is the part where all your rational decisions are made. The neurons in the prefrontal cortex communicate with the neurons in the other regions of the brain through synapses, thus playing a major role in weighing choices, controlling emotional responses and impulses, and making judgments. Additionally, the teenage prefrontal cortex is not as effectively functional as it is in adults. The process of developing myelin sheaths first begins at the back of the brain, where the more fundamental brain parts reside, and slowly progress towards the more advanced parts at the front. This would explain why teenagers experience such frequent mood swings! The other emotional regions behind the prefrontal cortex are much better connected in teenage brains, so all their decisions are immediately associated with emotional impulses, without running those choices by the more sensible prefrontal cortex. During your adolescent years, you start losing those connections that you don’t use anymore.
The prefrontal cortex also helps you relate to other people, which might be why the teens misread the expressions.
Peer pressure also plays a large role in defining what teens do because it is a large reward in itself.

Digestion is a lengthy process and involves various activities or functions being performed in different sections of the body.
The small intestines are divided into three segments on the basis of digestive functions that are performed there, namely duodenum, jejunum and ileum. The digestion process continues in the section through the help of acidic chime from the stomach, bile from the gallbladder and liver and digestive enzymes from the pancreas.
Stars James Stewart and Kim Novak strangely go through the motions, somewhat overwhelmed by a plot that spirals into a tightening loop of weirdness, and the real star emerges as the City of San Francisco, serving as a stirring backdrop. Upon his release he imagines sightings of Madeleine all over the City, but finally spots Judy (also Kim Novak), a woman who looks incredibly similar to Madeleine. Setting aside the age difference between Judy and Scottie, what exactly is it that Scottie does to attract Judy, other than play the sap for her? In an alternative interpretation, Scottie's affliction is not the fear of heights: it's a deeply broken heart due to the death of Midge, from which he never recovered, and his emotional state has been in a fearsome downward spiral ever since.
In this interpretation, she unexpectedly died three weeks into their engagement, crushing him emotionally because he could not save her from committing suicide. The Gravitron attains a speed of 24 rpm, which results in 4G of gravitational force, causing riders to lift off the floor.
This show presents 2 pieces by each of the 6 artists – one piece from the body of work for which the artist is well known locally and one from a completely different series of work. A solid artistic identity can be a blessing for an artist, providing increased recognition and (ideally) increased sales. As I continued with the development of this show, I became more curious about tangents or diversions that other well-recognized artists take. While experimenting with a vast array of media in her career as an artist, she has found acrylic to be the most rewarding. Her collaboration with Marc Billard creating electronic music and video adds another element to an otherworldly experience.
Cowan is recognized by The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery as the only painter Elvis ever commissioned for a portrait. Just after Michael Jackson's passing, his painting of Michael went ballistic through the worldwide media: Newsweek, "Oprah," "Forbes Profile of Michael Jackson", and more. During Elvis' 75th birthday, that painting was published worldwide, even in China, Kuwait, and the Czech Republic. Garner (who is also an emerging artist), the fourth annual Emerging Artist Show at VERTIGO features the talents of Tyler Beard, Benjamin Dayton, Linda Lopez, Austin Parkhill, Alexander Perrine, Lindsay Pichaske, and Allie Pohl. Gregorio collaborates with guest artists Mike Bernhardt, Amber Britton, Donald Fodness, and Anna Harber Freeman to create an environment that lies somewhere between the Villa Villa Kula of Pippi Longstocking (the place Where the Wild Things are) and indigenous bamboo hut villages of Gregorio’s Filipino ancestry.
He received his MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 2000, and soon after conducted cultural research in the Philippines on a Fulbright Fellowship. It’s not that he didn’t have a legitimate reason; it is just that sometimes parents don’t have the energy to go into why we worry.
I will spare you with the details, but when I say that my father has seen and experienced more than one person should have IT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.
During her short description of what she was creating I realized the project she had taken up was not altogether unfamiliar to me. Often using a singular form or image of another artist’s creation as a starting point, I recreate the work with alterations to suit my own aesthetic and conceptual preferences. Sometimes this moment occurs in the mere selection of a form, and at other times it does not occur at all. This year alone, CAP will serve 1,800 people living with HIV and AIDS through services such as case management, counseling, financial assistance, housing and the award-winning CAP food bank. More than a million people are living with HIV and AIDS in the United States, and there are more than 40 million infected with HIV around the world. The impulsiveness of teenagers has been both hated and praised, their emotional unpredictability has been scoffed at and eulogized, and their vitality has been mocked envied. Puberty makes the newly sexually active teen seek emotionally charged activities, thus increasing risk-taking behavior. Teenagers actually require more sleep than adults for this very reason, yet their sleep cycles are largely skewed.
Most of us are under the impression that our brains finish developing by the age of 6, and while it is true that the size of our brains doesn’t change much after that, its inner workings are not done developing by that point. Imagine the brain as a complex city with lots of roads. Some houses have 15 roads leading up to them, while others have just two.
If you spend time doing mindless activities like stalking people on Facebook, your brain will start abandoning important connections that could have otherwise developed.
A group of scientists once hooked up a number of adults and a group of teenagers to MRI devices and asked them to identify expressions of adult faces on screens. The nucleus accumbens forms early on in teens, which is the pleasure and reward zone of the brain. In a study where both adults and teens were driving at risky speeds, when the two were exposed to friends in the car, the risk-taking behavior significantly increased with the teens, but not so much with the adults. They are still living in a befuddling vertigo of fiery passions, oblivious to the harsh realities of the world.
The walls of jejunum are thick and have many microvilli on its mucus membrane, which help in digestion and primarily absorption.
Hitchcock never claimed any hidden meanings behind Vertigo, but this is one film that works better when it is interpreted beyond its surface storyline. Now retired from active duty, Scottie is good friends with Midge (Barbara Bel Geddes), a painter and advertising artist. Scottie eventually saves Madeleine's life when she attempts to drown herself in San Francisco Bay. And what woman will tolerate being molded into the image of another woman, and worse still for Judy, being sculpted into the form of a dead woman? Scottie's experiences with Madeleine and then Judy just become elaborate creations in his deeply grieving mind, the image of Madeleine being Scottie's imagination of a perfect Midge, his mind endlessly repeating the same painful arc: an impossible love heroically found and tragically lost in his helpless presence. They begin their optimistic adventures with: Tracy Tomko, Meagen Svendsen, Mark Penner-Howell, CT Nelson, Patrick Loehr, John Haley III, and Erin Asmussen.
The Gravitron is the fastest spinning amusement park ride and is considered to have a "High" thrill level.

Artists featured in this exhibition are Tyler Aiello, Phil Bender, Eric Michael Corrigan, Sangeeta Reddy, Lorelei Schott, and Jimmy Sellars. However, it can be a challenge, as the success of a body of work can impede an artist from moving in other directions with a change in media or technique.
Anyone touring the Monaco Palace will see his 1981 portrait of the entire family hanging in the Throne Room.
I am really looking forward to this one — it has been a big challenge and there is a very interesting connection that runs through the work. These artists have created visual expressions revolving around family history, the complexities of parenthood, and the cyclical nature of karma. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Painting at the University of Colorado at Boulder. And so did his father, and so did his mother, and so did my own mother and so did my own sister, and so did I. The protective wall that was formed to protect us now is the very culprit that suffocates and strangles our offspring.
I am hoping that his smiles, and his cries, and his tears, and his laughter will nourish me when I no longer have the strength to fight this battle. What she had described was a project that I had once described to her, a project I had helped another artist with, a project that was never fully realized. The resultant forms vary between what could be mistaken as a miniature facsimile of another artist’s work and original artworks with a source seemingly outside any individual referent. Conversely, I am also interested in objects that raise questions about their potential role in the world if they were not to be viewed in the context of the gallery space.
Through careful arrangement of these simulated, manipulated, exalted, and subverted forms, I find, at the best of times, a means of reconciling the difference between what is the art of someone else’s creation and what is an art of my own.
Major changes are made to the connections within the brain that contribute to the passionate frenzy of the teenage years. So, while adults can make rational decisions quicker, teenagers are not as adept at doing so. Instead of playing Candy Crush, play an instrument, write poetry, learn a language, solve mathematical puzzles, or try out for a sport!
If the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex are not effectively linked, then concern can be misread as anger and worry misconstrued as disappointment, as teens cannot productively work through these emotions.
Studies show that when presented with a potentially large reward, adolescent brains light up far more than children’s brains or adult brains. The reality is that Judy would have fled to the furthest corner of the earth to stay away from Scottie, and his obsessive behaviour to transform her into Madeleine should have been enough for her to have him locked-up.
The only real scene in the movie is therefore his close-to-catatonic stay in the hospital, imagining Midge hovering around him, neatly between the Madeleine and Judy episodes created by his conscience. It is important to note that these artists are all represented by galleries outside of VERTIGO Art Space. Some are wall sculptures, some free-standing or hang from the ceiling, while others are water sculptures.
Although, I’m starting to realize that the wall many of us have built around our emotions as a protective barrier or defense mechanism doesn’t just instantly end with the borders of our own physical bodies.
How do I create a door within my protective wall so that hand in hand, my son and I can turn that knob and push open the door within that wall that will inevitably destroy us both?
Many of the objects and images I am interested in have a direct lineage to the works of a previous generation of artists; they too are a reworked response to their predecessors and contemporaries. Strohmeier will be present for a gallery walk through with his work at the opening reception, November 21, 2008, 5:30–8pm. Vertigo Smyth is very much part of the new breed of Dublin-based acoustic singer-songwriters. Neurology has proven, without a doubt, that the adolescent brain is definitely different from the adult brain. This could be blamed on puberty, but also on the present culture that celebrates staying up late to participate in various global media. The MRI devices also revealed that while the adults were using their prefrontal cortex to understand the expressions, teens were using their amygdala.
Gavin Elster, a long lost college friend, resurfaces and offers Scottie an unusual private investigative opportunity: trail Elster's wife Madeleine (Novak), to find out why she is suddenly entering trance-like states. Madeleine reveals that she suffers nightmares set in the San Juan Bautista Mission ranch, south of the city.
Would Elster be careless enough to allow Judy and Scottie, the only two people who can cause him trouble, to reconnect with each other?
Vertigo is sometimes also accompanied by a full band, which includes Brian O'Grady on doublebass.
At the same time, most schools start quite early in the morning, so the youth, especially those in the new generation, are hardly getting any sleep at all! It breaks down all the connections that are no longer necessary, making your brain more structured and efficient. Thus, they are more likely to do anything to access psychological rewards through risky behaviors, drugs, alcohol, etc. Elster believes that his wife is possessed by a dead spirit; Scottie is sceptical, but accepts the assignment.
Scottie drives her there to confront her fears; instead she climbs the bell tower and seemingly falls to her death, Scottie unable to follow her to the top of the tower due to his vertigo. And finally, where exactly did that miraculously silent nun appear from at the end of the movie? Unfortunately, this period is also when the brain is most vulnerable, as it is still developing.

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