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If you think that you have a hearing loss and would like to talk about it with an experienced audiologist, please make an appointment for a full hearing assessment.
There is no obligation to buy and you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, learn the exact nature of your loss and consider possible solutions.
The following list of questions, while not exhaustive, will provide good indication of any hearing problems. If you have answered 'yes' to three or more of these questions, we recommend an in-depth hearing assessment with one of our hearing aid audiologists. The Widex UNIQUETM hearing aid pushes back the barriers of what you can hear with a hearing aid. Features:Digital Hearing Devices provide a better more clear sound than traditional hearing amplifiers - Cyber Science has introduced a great new Digital Hearing Amplifier that is Second to NoneYou will wish you had this hearing amplifier years ago once you discover all the sounds you have been missing! Our digital control adjustment system allows you to modify tone and volume for optimum hearing.
Now you can enjoy digitally enhanced sound quality in both ears, simultaneously without the embarrassment of those large, clunky hearing devices.
We even offer trial periods on some of our hearing aids, so you can discover just how much you may have been missing out on.

Other causes include hereditary factors, prolonged exposure to noise exceeding 85 decibels (the equivalent to heavy road traffic), illness, accidents or even some medications. A proper hearing test will determine the nature of your loss, whether you require further medical opinion and whether a hearing aid can help. It will only take a few minutes and will test how clearly you can hear in different levels of background noise. There is no substitute for a proper hearing test carried out by a trained hearing aid audiologist.
This product will aid you in hearing and is much more affordable than traditional hearing aidsIncluded is everything you need - Batteries are included along with a protective case. Because the brain has two distinct sides, producing the correct sound for each side is the best way to get back to your original hearing. It also incorporates a mild compression circuit to help muffle muzzle blasts and background noise. If you are not totally happy with your Cyber Science Hearing Amplifier for any reason, simply return it for a prompt and full refund. The majority of hearing loss is ‘sensorineural’, namely irreversible damage to the sound-conducting hair cells of the inner ear.

We have provided three ear buds of different sizes to ensure the most comfortable earpiece insertion when correctly seated into the ear canal. Get these virtually invisible, lightweight hearing amplifiers, at wholesale prices and get back to being a part of the family. The degree of loss can range from mild to profound, and most people with hearing difficulties can benefit from using hearing instruments.
Yes, you can hear the sound of the birds singing, the sound of children or grandchildren playing, remember your loved one's voice, as it was meant to be heard. Continuing to suffer with hearing loss can significantly affect our social life and our relationships, and often leads to a feeling of isolation.

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