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I love my dress!  Any other girls have this one?  If so, how are you bustling it? The essence of this post is to ignite your passion about starting your own business by producing trendy Ankara-customized accessories like bangles, earrings, bow tie, neck piece, hair piece, rose, petals, phone pouch, notebooks, purses, tote bags and box bags. After applying gum at the back of the plastic, cut out a piece of Ankara fabric and place the earring on the material.

Apply gum with a brush on the inner sides of the plastic and fold the excess fabric inside.
The Dritz packaging includes a circle size guide, but I eyeballed my fabric and cut it into a square.
If your dress is as heavy as mine I don’t think a single button bustle would do the job.

I have tons of ankara and madras fabric, so finding a great print wouldn’t be a problem.

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