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For our first DIY glass bottle crafts project you need, Marble beads of different colors, silicon or super glue and empty bottles.
If you love to play with colors just like me then our next three DIY glass bottle crafts projects will surely catch your eye.
You can also use gold or copper lacquer colors to make antique bottle vase in the same way as shown in picture below. For our last DIY glass bottle crafts project you need color full ropes, artificial flowers( ribbon flowers or paper flowers), stones and beads, silicon or super glue and empty bottles. This entry was posted on May 14, 2014, in Home Decor and tagged crafts ideas, DIY crafts, glass bottle crafts. I also used some metallic gold craft paint, a spray bottle filled with water, a hairdryer and some q-tips (not pictured). As the paint dries you will see it become reflective.  And you will have the perfect mercury glass finish! In one of the tutorials I read it recommended doing the gold paint as well and I do think that adds a little bit of antiquing to the finish.
Laine at It’s Just Laine will be sharing her post tomorrow and I am sure you won’t want to miss it.
I am also a huge fan of mercury glass, and as far as ornaments go, I have only 2 that I found in pink. Oh my goodness I have been drooling over those same stinkin’ $29 ornaments in the PB catalog and simultaneously wanting them and wondering who would actually pay that much money for 6 little balls of glass. I am running out of time to make these this year but I think they will be a project for after Christmas so that I have some new pretties for NEXT Christmas. And I am so obsessed with the yogurt jars over there I might have to hop on a plane with the one intent of bringing some of those home. I want to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings… I want to learn how drill through sea glasses and what I need to do. I would love yo learn how to make earrings and pendants out of the sea glass I have been collecting for 30+ years.

I use seaglass to make jewelry and other lovely items and would love to have this book to learn even more techniques to use to show off these treasures of glasss. Big fan of the one-of-a-kind statement necklace… silver with a big, beautiful piece of blue-green sea glass! I have the perfect sea glass from a vacation on the west coast to make so many beautiful pieces. We summer at the beach and my children (now grown) have collected sea glass since they were toddlers.
Almost eighty percent of edibles come in glass bottles, be it drinks or catch-up or other sauces etc. Things required for these pretty crafts are paints of different colors, paint brushes, paper tape and empty bottles off course.
Spray your bottles with gold or copper lacquer then make patterns with black or white on the bottles as shown in the picture.
I dropped one drop of gold paint in the ornament and then misted again with water and swirled around drying with my hair dryer until it was dry.
This is the best faux mercury glass tutorial that I have ever seen (and I have looked at A LOT)! I love them…and with my tree theme gold and burgundy, I think they would add so much to it!
I have to say, when I first started reading the post, I couldn’t tell which picture was of the original and which one was the knockoff. I researched blogs and found several tutorials on how to DIY Mercury Glass, music to my ears! For minute instructions and photos, go over Oh Happy Day where Jordan’s got a couple to her write adult on Project Wedding. Once a broken piece of glass, these shards have traveled the seas, being washed and pummeled by the waves and smoothed by the sands into precious sea glass gems. I am pregnant and soon give birth to my son in few weeks, I will be stay at home mom and want to learn those stuffs… Love seaglasses!!

According to diameter of bulb holder make hole in metal lid with the help of steel nail and hammer. Paste different decoration items like stones and beads to complete this modern and stylish craft. I came across this project over at the Crafts By Amanda blog that is just beautiful and it has inspired me to try and do my own stained glass project. I too have read about spray painting the inside, some crafters say to cover the outside while spraying. I just used little glass jars (old yogurt jars) and then used a $5 paint pen that is made just for painting on glass to create a little typography masterpiece. Sea Glass is collected my many a beachcomber, both young and old and has surged in popularity in use for accessories like Sea Glass Jewelry and home decor. That is why we have decided to post DIY glass bottle crafts projects for you so that your empty bottles at home can be utilized for decorating your home. How on earth did you spray the inside with that tiny hole the ornaments have without it getting all over everything?
You can also make fence decorating bottles lamps in the same way with the help of steel chain. Bottle crafts are one of those crafts that are easy to make, require little time and effort and are relatively in-expensive.
So gather all the spare and empty bottles you have in your home, let’s start making some beautiful bottle crafts.

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