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Not to sound politically correct or anything, but getting headaches might not be caused by loud drumming - it could be something a little more serious. It doesn't sound like anything you're doing is bad - if you're playing with pads on the drums then the drums are already quiet. When I put these in, it's exactly like someone went and turned the master volume down of life. The secret is how you insert them: moisten the white silicon tip with your mouth, and insert them.
I have tried them and wasn't overly impressed, they do cut down the putside sound personally I wish it was more though, I've also tried metrphones which are similar. If I'm playin to muic I wear custom made IEM's and the put a pair of sound isolating headphones over the top, it's not perfect but it's the best I've found so far.
The Shure se210's are quite good if you don't want the expense of custom mades and I took the ends off a pair of er20's to get a better fit. If you want to invest in the future you can get a set of personal moulds done for around the 250 mark.
Try out the VFirth ones and if you like the fit, the isolation and the price then go for it.
The cheap protectors in the link cover my satellite dishes completely, leaving for slightly better isolation against the head.
But with these High Fidelity plugs, the result is that everything still sounds crisp and clear, but it's all at a safe volume. You can tell they work when you hit a massive rimshot and you hear the vibrations shielded by the bulk of the headphones. I can't tell you how many times I've decided against ear plugs because I can't make out what the other musicians are playing but with these that problem is solved. Just that it is possible to use a standard set of small in ear iPod headphones with the protectors in the link above.
For your gigs you can use the in ear variety which are disposable and about 50cent a pack of two.
The sound isolation is decent but, because they are flat on the ear, it is not as good as other over ear protectors. BTW you can usually filt a pair of in ear headphones under the over ear protectors, if that makes sense. The sound is better than the VFirth ones as you don't need the music as loud due to the better isolation.

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