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Noise and the Licensing Act 2003Advice to LicenseesIf you are thinking about applying for a new premises licence, or you already have a licence and applying for a variation to your existing licence this advice is for you!
No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Vater Noise Guard pads, made from non-slip rubber that maintains familar rebound, keep the volume of your kit down so you can practice all night without waking a soul other than your own. Among the most interesting products of this year's NAMM are Roland's NE-10 and NE-1 Noise Eaters, two new sound isolation devices designed for use with kick pads and pedals, and hi-hat pedals in a V-Drums set. V-drums are already quiet and allow players to use headphones to practice and record in situations where it would be impossible to use acoustic drums. The NE-1 Noise Eater is a small sound isolation foot intended to be used as necessary along with the NE-10 Noise Eater.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The JNDC Soared copper shells are hand-selected for their superior vibrance and incredible warmth. Once the Soared copper is hand-selected, the bearing edges and snare beds are finished by hand in order to refine and optimize the sonic performance.
A certificate of authenticity, serialized lapel badge, JNDC Strainer Tutorial DVD, and a complimentary embroidered soft shell case accompany each instrument. It will help you consider possible noise issues with your business and aims to strike a balance between the enjoyment of your customers and the rights of your neighbours for a peaceful home life.What do I need to do?Think noise!
This bass drum pad is designed to be affixed in front of the batter head, and is one size fits all.
I had been searching for a really nice text about upgrading conversion rates for a while, when I found your blog. Noise Eaters solve a common problem: how to isolate the acoustic sound for V-Drums when they’re played on upper floors of multi-level structures, such as houses, apartments, condos, offices, and studios. However, the physical action of usiStill using the kick and hi-hat in a multi-level building leads to noise on adjoining floors.

It features multiple dome-shaped rubber dampers for sound isolation and a low-profile design that doesn’t affect playing feel or stability. It features a unique rubber damper structure that provides maximum sound isolation in a very compact and efficient device. The Soared is slightly thicker than the Anchored copper, which results in greater presence and musicality that complement the instrument voice.
5x14 and 4x14 shells are currently thicker configurations, similar to the Conquered copper series. The NE-10 can be used standalone with a Roland KD-9 Kick Pad, KD-7 Kick Trigger, or FD-8 Hi-Hat Control Pedal. Consider at the application stage whether noise from your premises could potentially be a problem to local residents, and if so, how you intend to control it.
Dealing with noise issues before any complaints may arise can save you time and money as well helping you maintain a good business profile within the local community. Your proposed noise control measures should be included in your premises licence application (some examples are provided later on in this guidance). It may be that opening times specified on the planning approval differ to the times that you applied for on your premises licence application. As the planning approval hours were most restrictive, it was those hours that should have been followed. At this time of night the background noise levels are likely to be a lot lower due to reduced traffic flows etc.
Ensure there is suitable sound insulation between the properties to cope with the level of noise your business will be producing.
Over time, the business developed into a bar with regular DJ nights and dancing until 02:00 hrs. The increase in noise levels resulted in annoyance and sleep disturbance to the residents of the flats above. Customers were shouting and screaming, music bass beats could be clearly heard and the impact noise of people dancing on the tiled floor travelled up through the building structure to their properties well into the early hours of the morning.The licensee was advised that the premises did not have suitable sound insulation to cope with the type of business and as a result the business eventually reverted back to being solely a restaurant as the cost of sound insulation was deemed to be too much.

It is generally far more cost effective to make improvements to sound insulation as part of the business refit rather than retro fit at a later date.How can I control noise?Music noiseEnsure windows and doors are kept closed whilst music is playing to reduce the break-out of noise from the premises - maybe all the time you are playing music or you may decide that it will be satisfactory to close windows and doors after a certain time.
Double-glazing also helps reduce the break-out of noise.A front entrance lobby door system reduces the noise that escapes when customers enter or exit the premises.Will you have wall-mounted speakers? If they are not isolated from the structure of the building they can result in sound being transferred to any attached residential properties If you have DJs, will they bring their own equipment or will they use yours?Noise limiters are devices that can be wired into your sound system and will distort or shut off the music once a pre-set sound level is exceeded. There is normally an alert system that lets the user know when they are getting close to the pre-set level. These can be useful to ensure agreed noise levels are not exceeded no matter who is using your sound system. If this is likely to be a problem, try reducing the low frequency content of the music.The DJ or music system position could affect noise levels.
Is there a better location?Noise from smokersThe introduction of the smoke-free legislation in 2006 has meant an increase in the numbers of people congregating outside licensed premises. The Council receives many complaints from residents about the annoyance caused from raised voices outside licensed premises. CCTV may be useful in identifying problems and can act as a deterrent.Beer gardens You could try closing your garden to customers at a specified time to ensure there is not excessive late night noise. Remember, it is against the law to serve someone who is drunk.What happens if the conditions of my licence are not complied with?Once you are up and running if noise problems arise from your premises the Council will, in most cases, try to resolve these informally with you. Alternatively, interested parties, which could include either the Pollution Control Team or local residents, can call for a review of your premises licence. Hearings are held in front of the Licensing Committee, which may result in additional conditions being added to a licence, or your licence being suspended or even revoked in serious cases.The Council can also take action under the Statutory Nuisance provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
If noise amounting to a Statutory Nuisance is witnessed then an Abatement Notice will be served.

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