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This earcuff features Beautiful golden chain with two strands of chain one at 3inches the other at 4inches for a cascade effect. This is perfect for anyone that wants to not fit in because it is so unexpected and can be paired with other jewelry or worn alone. A brass cuff helps to give this earring the illusion of a cartilage piercing without the need for one.
My take on anything is a combination of hard and soft, or textured bold designs with a "chic" and classic twist.
Ear cuffs wraps around the ear with No piercing required and should fit snugly into the ear canal.

Basically, you start on the top rim of ear, turn the ear cuff inward to hook onto the inner rim and then slide it down. Ear cuffs can be adjusted to your size by stretching them out a bit and if worn correctly, you wouldn't need to stretch them at all afterwards once you get this mechanism down.And here is another picture of the different parts of the ear. This is the one I wear most often.(The flower earring is a stud that can be purchased here.
I have two piercings on each ear lobe and this picture was taken before I got my cartilage pierced.)The chain length of this cuff earring is 3cm. This is around the helix or rim part of the ear.I prefer not to wear ear cuffs that high up because it doesn't feel as secure and can feel loose but it is possible to wear it there especially with these solid band ear cuffs.

For those that want to wear cuff earrings on the upper cartilage will have to request a longer chain length so don't forget to leave a note for me when placing an order. You could also request to switch any wire wrapped ear cuff with these solid band ear cuffs through here.

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