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Although our stores are gone, we can’t wait to show you what the new Loehmann’s has to offer. Forget elaborate statement ear cuffs when you can sport the minimalist variety that will go well with both your casual and dressy ensembles. One of the hottest jewelry trend spotted at the 2015 Oscars was in the form of statement ear cuffs worn by celebrities like Scarlett Johannson and Emma Stone. But then again, I much prefer an ear cuff that sits on the ear lobe (or the closest to the general ear area) instead of it dangling down or jutting too far out.

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Aww you must do a post on your little hoop and chain, then – I would so love to see it!
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The Piaget ear cuff worn by Scarlett has the dangly bits which I don’t quite care for that much but the one that decorated the left ear of the darling Emma Stone is quite gorgeous in an understated way that we, the non-celebrity counterpart, can imagine ourselves wearing. I like my jewelry to not be so dramatic and this compilation reflects that and hopefully appeals to those who share the love for minimalist jewelry.

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