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I fell in love with this white dress and after a couple weeks of hesitation, I finally picked it up.
Add some height – Long pieces like a trench dress can really swallow a petite person¬†up in fabric. I can’t get over how many old friends from high school and college are getting engaged and married this year.
This is more of an educational post for myself than anything, but I thought you’d find it interesting as well!
Lots of stylish ladies meandering around in espadrilles lately – Kourtney, ¬†Emma, Miley. All of our products are custom made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and designed to last forever. For simple care and maintenance each item of our jewelry comes with an original anti-tarnish microfiber pouch & complimentary cleaning cloth for silver and gold. Oz Abstract quality is always guaranteed: Every Oz Abstract Tokyo original item comes with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Like a vest, it buttons up the front and the belt cinches in the waist to create a pretty silhouette. I noticed a lot of style bloggers incorporating this look into their outfit articles and I’m really loving the styled yet relaxed vibe.
A trench is typically long & slimming, but tying it up in the back or front creates a more feminine silhouette.
I love how these style bloggers have found heels & ankle boots to balance out some of the more overwhelming coats. I love how polished the trend looks when styled with other neutral pieces like an all black jumpsuit or simple jeans & a white blouse.

They’re such a festive way to add a pop of color to a layered stack of bracelets or a simple pendant necklace. Of all the options, I would say this is the most day appropriate for my own personal tastes.
These styles seem to be extra popular this year – whether at an ankle, calf, or over the knee height. Visiting from Taiwan, Province Of ChinaWelcome to our Online Boutique.Start browsing our collections using the menu at the top to discover the coolest Jewelry collections in the world. For such a simple piece, it’s full of thoughtful little details which I always appreciate.
Like the Pom Pom trend that is also popular this summer, they seem to add just the perfect little touch of personality to any piece, particularly jewelry. This partnership comes just in time for wedding season, so it felt completely appropriate to team up feature one of the popular dress trends this year.
I don’t foresee this becoming a ground-breaking fashion statement, but I do love the little touch of personality that a sweet pom pom trim gives a piece.
We’re seeing it in crop tops, skirts, dresses, even swimsuits (which I plan to do a full blog post on!). Aside from flip flops, it doesn’t get much more comfy than a pair of canvas espadrilles. When I first noticed these styles appearing everywhere, I thought, how counter-intuitive to wear a boot during the fall but expose some of your foot to the cold air & elements! It’s just nice to add a simple detail like this for added style on a staple winter shoe. The black leather detailing on the khaki trench is the perfect modern update for such a classic piece.

The dress is entirely backless, however I think the cut is done in just the right way and with a fabric that keeps the whole look very sweet and pure. The gown feels both classic and easy when styled with the loose beach waves and simple stone bracelets.
The material is actually just synthetic rubber and you can find it in stores like ZARA, H&M, TopShop, etc. However, what better time really than these fall months to layer on a pair of thick tights and some adorable ankle booties like this. Summer white will only be in season for a few more weeks, so will definitely start incorporating this chic dress into my work outfits a little more often! A couple tiny tassels incorporated into an arm party or just a singular necklace look both effortless & adorable.
This time of year can definitely break the bank so I hope this post can help find a perfect dress and at a manageable price point!
I love the neoprene pieces below because they feature a lot of pastel pink and florals which are also making a splash on the fashion scene this spring season. I’d like to give this trend a try at a holiday party or maybe just in a night-out look. I actually think it works well, and my favorite look of the 3 below is the Zigi Soho Bootie from DSW.

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