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We see people with awesome piercings every so often and think, "That'd be neat to have, but they must have been working on that for years." For people who don't have that kind of time, we introduce the commitment-free Dragon Ear Wrap. For our customers with nickel allergies: the dragon is made of English pewter, which is a mixture of tin, antimony, and copper. Slim Pen  or Marker- I used a crayola fine line marker, which was the perfect size for my ear.
You can make this wire ear cuff whatever length you want and it can be worn on whichever ear you want.
This work by Right Where I Left Off is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. He hovers over your right shoulder, whispering bad ideas into your ear (like dragons do), but he doesn't require any special piercings; a single, standard earring hole will do.

We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. I was inspired by Knobbly’s beautifully simplistic metal jewelry, particularly the¬†Sterling Silver Ear Cuff.
I think it’s fine for ear cuffs, but not for making rings or bracelets or other jewelry that will get rough wear. Use the round nose pliers to wrap the ends around each other to secure the wire as pictures below.
Use the flat nosed pliers to make sure the cut edges are on the inside of the ear cuff so when you wear it the cut edges won’t rub on your skin.
The aluminum wire is soft enough to create the ear cuff easily, but sturdy enough to keep it’s shape.

Since my ear doesn’t come into contact with many things, I thought aluminum was a safe bet. Clicking the links allows me to earn a small commission that is used to help offset the costs of running this site. And, as you can tell from MechaBecca in the photo above, he looks especially great with cartilage piercings, as if he's guarding his hoard.

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