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Crawling Cat Ear Climber Cuff - This charming cat crawls down along the edge of your ear, gripping the cartilage with his hind feet. Gecko Ear Climber Cuff - This delightful gecko scampers along the rim of your ear it's feet holding tight to the edge or your ear. Grapevine Ear Climber (Ear cuff) - This detailed Grape Vine Ear Climber Cuff curves gracefully up the edge of the ear. Jack and the Beanstalk Ear Climber - Relive your childhood memories of Magic Bean Stalks, Ogres and Golden Eggs as you wear this whimsical ear cuff. Climbing Dragon Earcuff - Scampering up the outside of your ear (or down it) this adorable dragon ear cuff is one of my favourites. Comet Cuff (works best on left ear) The sun is the happy mother of the stars, giving birth to the night sky in some Celtic mythology.
Chevron Dragon Earcuff - This adorable dragon earcuff lovingly hugs your ear with his wings (as he hangs on for dear life!) looking over his shoulder to take in the scenery.
Spider Ear Cuff - Crawling its way across your ear, this spider captured in sterling silver is a great inexpensive way to show your love for these creatures of magick and myth.
Small Bat Earcuff - This tiny bat flies around your ear settling delicately on the silver ear cuff which wraps around the outer edge of your ear.
Spider Web Ear cuff - A single spider dangles from her web which spins its way around your ear. Dangling Spider on Web Ear Cuff - dancing as you move, this spider sticks firmly to its web in the hopes of ensnaring yet another victim.
Less than two months ago, Marie Claire wrote that punk is seeing a fashion revival on the high street at the moment, no less than 40 years since the subculture first developed.
Plus, our ear cuffs are both lightweight, so they’re easy to wear, and very affordable at only ?4.99! We recommend the best way to showcase your ear cuff is with either an up-do or a side-swept hairstyle, perhaps a fishtail braid or teased bun.
Finally, keep the focus on your ear cuff by applying soft but smoky eye make up (such as the girl in the image above, left).

Click the button below to add the Gold Gothic Punk Dragon Ear Cuff Wrap Earring to your wish list. An Old ear cuff is a piece of jewellery designed to be worn on the cartilage part of the ear. An array of charms are often attached to these designs, either at the top end from the cuff or at the bottom from the stud.
Ear cuffs can be made from a variety of different metals including gold, silver and bronze. Click the button below to add the Silver Sweep Up Zircon Cubic Flower Ear Cuff Earring to your wish list.
Created specially for the right ear, this adorable dragon whispers secrets into its wearers ear. For those who prefer something plain to something overly elaborate, this is less likely to catch in hair and on clothing but still shows you as a dragon fan.
It is pictured worn on the left ear, but may be worn on the right ear if reversed, so that the tail is down and the head is up.
The designer prefers this design to be worn on the right ear, but it may also be inverted to be worn on the left ear. This ear cuff is designed for the left ear only and is pictured here with an accent bean vine earring. No need for holes or any piercings, this simply hooks on to the outside of your ear like any other ear cuff.
It is so cute with the perfectly formed little head with ears, wings which hug your ear and little nose. The magic of the shooting stars was not lost on the Celts and now you can bring that magic into your own life.
Weaving the web which we are only partially aware of, each action has an effect and impact. Gently wrapping around to create the cuff, the web spins out from there embellished with onyx, flaring along the ear to the bottom where your spider is.

The magazine attributes the revival to the A-list studded 2013 Met Gala in New York earlier this year. More intricate gothic designs can be found as well as Angel Wing and simpler spiral or leaf designs. The ear cuff is worn like normal, while a chain suspends and attaches to a stud that is worn on the ear lobe.
They are often made from copper or alloy instead and then coloured or plated in various colours.
No need for anything extra holes or any special ear shape - this is perfect for everyone as it hangs off the inside of your ear as shown. Though much rarer, there are also much larger intricate designs that imitate dragons and other animals like Butterfly, Sanke.
The number of chains can vary widely, from as little as one chain, up to as many as five or six for a more elaborate design. These are clipped onto the ear while the remainder of the design wraps around the rest of the ear. Common designs include two chains, where one is slightly shorter than the other, creating a visible gap.
We can make no claims nor guarantee any medical, supernatural or magical qualities for any product. Due to weight, when ear cuffs attachments are designed this way, the cuff itself may be bigger to help sustain the added weight.
But Ear-Cuffs UK's Ear Cuffs Most of Need to pierce the ear with a Statement Design, and most of only for the left ear.

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