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The BBC must put "distinctive content" at its heart, Culture Secretary John Whittingdale says, as he announces a major overhaul of how the corporation is run. Here are 10 of your stories.Stretched ear lobes are becoming an increasingly common sight. I stretched my ears to 10mm when I was in school aged 16, as soon as I was allowed to get them pierced.
I stretched my ears as a teenager around nine years ago and do regret it as I've gotten older.
I currently have 10mm flesh tunnels in both my lobes, my partner has 12mm in both lobes and a lot of my friends have stretched ears.
From pop stars to people in the street, there are more and more flesh tunnels and plugs on display.Like other sub-cultural practices such as tattooing and piercing, ear stretching has become popularised, says Prof Victoria Pitts-Taylor, from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.
I considered my future career and always planned to remove them before they got to the point of no return. I was on a school trip to New Zealand for two weeks and I had been planning all year to do it then. I took it out around five years ago and I'm left with scarring and my ear lobe has not shrunk back to how it was, despite me stretching it with one of the smallest sizes available carefully and following guidance.
I am now 22 and I didn't have my ears pierced until I was 18, but I always knew that I wanted to do it.

On of my best memories of having stretched ears was when I was walking in the Yorkshire Moors and the wind was whistling through the holes in my ears. My parents did not approve, actually I don't think I ever asked, so the trip was the perfect time.
I don't think it was as popular back then as it is now, but I think a lot of teenagers have and will regret it as they get older and begin their careers. My friend and I bought a long spike from a vendor in Auckland and that night, in just 20 minutes, I had centimetre-wide holes in my ears. While it's more popular there's still a stigma attached to it and what people think looks good may change over time. Now, like tattoos, I will say that stretching is totally addictive and I am currently planning on going to 12mm or bigger, I just don't know.
The most I have seen other than myself is three in one ear, but these were much smaller gauge. I've had my ears stretched up to 40mm, however I've recently downsized for various reasons. I used to walk through the street and people would actually stopped and stare, but nowadays it seems more and more people are beginning to accept it.
My suggestion for people planning on this body modification is to do it for beauty, not for shock.

I wear plugs made from natural stones like jade, gold stone, blue jasper, quartz and all sorts. Very few people have ever noticed, they just look like normal button earrings and have never been a problem. Well, having worn every conceivable style of earring for 30 years and I fancied something different.
Plus, I love the way they make my ears look and feel, they make me feel sexy and my husband says my "ear wobble" is cute.
Lobe stretching has become a lot more mainstream in the past few years, but I stretch my lobes because I love body modifications.
There are two types of people that have stretched lobes - the sort of people that are doing it as a statement or way of life and then there are the hipsters. It is easy to talk to complete strangers about their piercings or tattoos, which you would not get with hipsters. Since then I've gone back up to 20mm and now they have naturally shrunk down to about eight millimetres, although I am planning to go back up to 10mm and keep them this way.

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