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In the meantime, I found a simple remedy that helps ease the pain of the infection until the garlic oil or other remedy can fight the infection.We recently took a family trip to the beach and all of my children practically lived in the water for a week. I typically bring 3% hydrogen peroxide to use in their ears after swimming in the ocean but forgot it this time in the hustle of getting ready. Using hydrogen peroxide has helped us avoid any ear infections in the past and I foolishly thought we would be ok without it.A couple of days after we got home, two of our younger children started displaying the classic symptoms of ear infection and waking at night with ear pain.
The salt pack is heated, and the heat also offers relief from the pain and Himalayan salt creates beneficial negative ions when heated.

These negative ions are known for their ability to bind to pollutants, bacteria, and infection and this helped draw the moisture and infection from the ear.Lavender is naturally antibacterial and the addition of lavender flowers helps soothe and reduce inflammation.
Consider using other remedies and check with a doctor if you suspect the infection is serious, the child has a very high fever, or the ear drum has ruptured.What do you use for ear infections?Filed Under: Natural Remedies Print FriendlyEnjoy this post?
Alcohol evaporates out the water & vinegar restores PH to the ears, to counteract the acidity of the chlorine. Use a clean eye dropper & while child lies on their side, put one or two drops in each ear.

I believe it started due to straining my eyes and I have been dealing with this for ever since, for years.
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