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How would you feel if your favorite dog can’t stop scratching its ear, becomes irritable and in pain?
Dog ear infection can be very irritating to your pet and could lead to more infections if not treated immediately. A soothing ear cleaner is also effective, this commonly contains antibiotic that you can apply and massage to the ear canal once or twice a day until the dog ear infection gets better or totally healed. Tropical ointments like those found in pharmacies are also handy in treating dog ear infection.
If you notice changes on your pet’s mannerism such as frequent scratching of the head, scratching the ear and colored discharge from the ear, they are likely to have developed ear infection.
To prevent getting your dog an ear infection, practice regular cleaning of their ears especially if they are in the water for most of the time. Make sure you squirt a disinfecting solution on the outer part of their ear canal after every bath or twice a week. But, if it continues it’s a problem, which can turn into a lot of pain if not treated. If your dog has any one or more of the following symptoms, I recommend you get your butts to the local vet! You wouldn’t want an earache for weeks on end because of an ear infection yourself now, would you?
And, if left untreated, ear infections can lead to much worse things not to mention a LOT of pain. Or, if you’d rather I email you back, you can always fill out the contact form found here. This entry was posted in Dog health and tagged dog keeps shaking his head, ear infections in dogs, scratching ears.
It’s rather hard to say without knowing more info about your dog such as is his skin irritated looking…red, dry, scaly, or patchy in areas? I wish I could help more, but if this problem continues I’d recommend bringing him to the vet and asking what they think. What if your dog has had her ears checked thoroughly by a vet and she is still shaking her head?

Sorry to hear your dog is having this problem and I do hope I can offer a bit of help although it is hard to know exactly what is going on without actually seeing your dog or knowing more info on what is happening. A few questions I’d like you to consider 1) whether your vet or yourself have noticed any discharge or foul odor from the ears?
As for the veterinarian wanting to do lab work, I believe he or she may either have noticed discharge in the ear and believes it could be a bacterial infection or it could be another cause entirely. May I also add that chronic ear infection with a lot of scratching activities can lead to a clinical symptom called aural hematoma which is a form of massive swelling of the ear pinna.
If your pet dog is suffering from dog ear infection and you can’t immediately bring it to your vet, it is important that you know some home remedies to ease the pain until such time you can visit your vet.
Use a cotton swab to clean their ear canal by gently massaging it and removing any dirt that is present there.
For it to avoid dog ear infection, regularly clean the outside part of the ear with this solution.
The alcohol will help dissolve the dog’s ear wax and the vinegar will help prevent bacteria and yeast to grow. You can directly apply tropical ointments after doing procedure of cleaning ear discharge and ear wax.
After visiting, you can acquire this antibiotic for your dog and regularly supervise giving it to your dog until such time the ear infection is totally healed. There are other things that can cause irritation and eventual infection too, such as yeast and excessive bacteria that normally grow on the skin. If your dog may have an ear infection, check out my review of medicated ear cleaning products on Dog Ear Cleaning Solution. This often leads to yeast and bacteria to overpopulate the skin causing a nice smelly infection. Also for treats we only give him celery first dog Ive had to love them and he also loves potato skins as wene we peal them for our meal. Have you actually seen any fleas or been told by your dog’s vet that this is being caused by fleas? Then use the process of elimination if it seems to clear up after not giving any of these to your dog.
If it is discharge found in the dog’s ear, the vet will take a sample of it and send it in for testing to find out the type of bacteria so it can be treated with the right antibiotics.

It is a very uncomfortable disease and surgical intervention is often required to fix the problem. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I've either already tried them with my dogs or found they have very good reviews by other dog owners who have already tried the product. For your safety, wear long sleeves and pants when there is possible exposure because Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi and is spread by ticks.
Call Pet Doctor today at (972) 772-7777 and schedule a quick appointment to vaccinate against Lyme disease. Dog ear infection can affect your pet’s daily activities thus when untreated, it can cause more severe infection. Shaking is the only way they can try to alleviate the pain and discomfort they’re in. Try to keep water from going in your dogs ears as much as possible when giving your dog a bath and dry them out as much as possible too. If you do try any kind of Neem Oil, please be careful to read any instructions on the labels and use as directed as there are many kinds of it available.
Therefore, it’s always advisable to practice proper ear cleaning and to avoid allergy food in order to minimize scratching behaviors on the skin and especially the ears. The Lyme disease vaccination must be boostered three weeks after the initial Lyme disease vaccine for puppies. I agree 100%, proper ear cleaning and avoiding foods that may cause allergies in dogs is the way to go! Ticks must remain attached for approximately 36-48 hours for the bacteria to spread to your pet companion.
Although Lyme disease is only transmitted by the bite of a tick, please do not pull ticks off with your fingers. You, as a human, are only at risk of Lyme disease if a tick bites you not by your pet’s phlegm.

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