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Treating your nose piercing infection - prevention is the best treatment, but what to do if you already have an infection? For all those who are considering a nose piercing, it is a must to be fully aware of nose piercing infections.
Piercing is done as a fashion in many parts of the body like nose, lip, nipples, ears and nose. Normally piercing gets infected depending on the area in which piercing is done and on the tools used for piercing. The area in which piercing is done will be pinkish red for some days and it will assume normal color in few days.
Today, many chronic sinusitis sufferers are finding relief by undergoing a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure called functional endoscopic sinus surgery, or FESS.
The physicians at Cornerstone Ear, Nose and Throat, PA, have seen tremendous growth in the number of FESS procedures performed in recent years, performing approximately 400 procedures a year. Adding to the surgery’s appeal is the minimal recovery time and postoperative side effects. Since 1994, CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat has helped patients enjoy every breath, sleep better every night, hear every word, and live every moment. We offer CareCredit™, a healthcare credit card specifically designed to pay for treatments and procedures not covered by insurance.
The ears, nose and throat are all linked together in your head; an infection in one area can lead to symptoms or infections in another.
Symptoms of Strep throat infection are, difficulty swallowing, red tonsils, white patches on throat, red spots on roof of mouth, swollen lymph glands, fever, headache, rash and stomach ache.
The ears, nose and throat are all susceptible to the MRSA bacteria or antibiotic resistant staph infection.

Our physicians and audiologists look forward to meeting with our pediatric patients and their families, and providing caring and effective treatments to meet children’s total heath care needs.
Just keep soaking it in the salt water (they probably gave you some salt at the piercing shop). For instance the private parts like genitals and lip are more prone to develop infection than other parts of the body, since it has more moisture content. During this procedure, the surgeon inserts an endoscope through the nose into the sinuses, looking for structural abnormalities, cleaning and draining the sinuses and removing any obstructive growths, such as polyps or cysts. All of the physicians at Cornerstone Ear, Nose and Throat agree that nasal packing is rarely necessary in the post operative period and discomfort is generally mild. McClelland is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist (ENT), as well as the Administrative and Founding Partner of CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat, PA. As otolaryngologists (ENTs), our physicians specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders, as well as disorders related to the face and neck. Symptoms of an ear infection are, hearing problems, tugging at ears, sharp pain in the ear, ear drainage and trouble sleeping. Symptoms of tonsillitis can be swollen tonsils, red sore throat, fever, difficulty swallowing. The symptoms of this type of infection are similar to all of the others, but there could also be abscesses on the tonsils and throat. Our program also provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program with hearing aids for children after they receive their assisted-hearing device. You may also feel irritating pain and itching sensation on that area, it can be due to infection. The surgery enlarges the natural openings of the sinuses and can restore the normal flow of mucus without leaving any visible scars.

Daron Smith, MD, has been doing sinus surgery for over 12 years and remarks that many of his patients have reported little need for pain medicine after the surgery.
CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat is proud to offer thorough, technologically advanced diagnosis and treatment for the full range of ENT conditions.
Symptoms of a minor sore throat can be, a sore red throat, difficulty swallowing and fever. Normally it takes 2 to 3 days for the skin to get healed but sometimes it may develop into severe infection giving pain and inflammation on the affected part.
Do not delay in visiting your doctor if the piercing infection does not settle down in one or two days. Other symptoms are fever, green drainage from your nose, tiredness, cough, sore throat and bad breath. Smith also says, “Although no surgery is going to be without some discomfort, I can say, having undergone the surgery last year myself, that the pain is not severe and only lasts for a few days. There is chance for infection to develop if unsterilized tools and needles are used for piercing the skin.
Acute sinusitis is often marked by a thick, green or yellow nasal discharge and can last up to four weeks or more. Most cases respond well to antibiotics and decongestants, and people can resume normal activities quickly.

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