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To reduce noises such as thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, barking dogs, crying children, construction and others that may upset or frighten your dog. Please note that if you purchase additional items from the Pet Expertise Warehouse or other Supplier Direct items you may incur additional shipping charges which will be calculated at checkout.
Du skal have JavaScript slaet til i din browser for at kunne bruge alle funktionerne pa dette website. Protect his hearing from loud sounds and keep him calm around scary sounds with Mutt Muffs.

Please be extra careful outdoors, or in any situation where the inability to hear all sounds might present a safety risk.
The rules of conduct and content have been relaxed here to allow forum members more free-form interaction and freedom of topics.
If you are sensitive to adult themes or language, you may wish to stop by The Forum instead. Not just eyecandy, these earphones are fully functional and can be connected to any standard earphone jack.

At NRR 26, ReVO is one of the highest rated ear muffs made to fit children available at any price.
Excellent noise protection plus situational awareness - that means your child will be protected from loud noises while still being able to hear your voice!

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