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Also called "contact ulcers", granulomas are discrete (clearly-defined) lesions that occur on the back portion of the vocal fold where it attaches to the arytenoid cartilage. The vocal fold on the right side of the picture has a granuloma attached to the vocal process (top of picture).
The posterior vocal process on the left side of this picture has a large granuloma, which causes painful phonation and swallowing for this patient. The granuloma seen on the left side of this photo is causing a small reactive lesion on the opposite vocal process.

Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital provides a full continuum of care for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Jackson Memorial Hospital is an accredited, non-profit, tertiary care hospital and the major teaching facility for the University of Miami Leonard M.
Another common cause is irritation from an endotracheal tube (the tube placed in the throat for breathing during a surgery under general anesthesia), which can rub against the back of the larynx. Whether inpatient or outpatient, from treatment through discharge, all services are delivered in a structured, supportive, and safe environment.

With more than 1,550 licensed beds, Jackson Memorial Hospital is a referral center, a magnet for medical research, and home to Ryder Trauma Center - the only adult and pediatric Level 1 trauma center in Miami-Dade County. At Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital, we are committed to meeting the needs of each client at each stage of treatment.

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