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Joe DeLorier was an academic professor teaching clinical audiology at Northern Illinois University for 28 years prior to joining the Fox Valley Ear, Nose & Throat Associates audiology team in 1998. His clinical interests include otolaryngic allergy, sinus and nasal disorders, endoscopic sinus surgery (including balloon sinuplasty), facial trauma, snoring and sleep apnea surgery, hoarseness, and ear disease.
In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, coaching his son's soccer team, playing competitive sports (soccer, basketball, and softball), cross-training and weight lifting, and riding his motorcycle with his wife.
He received his Bachelors of Science in Education in 1970 from Northern Illinois University where he continued to study and received his Masters of Arts in Audiology in 1972.

Zapanta also serves as the Otolaryngology Residency Program Director, the Medical Education Fellowship Co-Director, and Associate Professor of Surgery at The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. Zapanta has multiple publications and has presented and lectured at the local and national level. He is a member of the American Academy of Audiology and is an Illinois Licensed Audiologist.
Our practice is staffed by Board Certified Otolaryngologists, Certified Audiologists and Allergy Medical Technologists.

Joe will work together with our physicians to provide the very best hearing solution for you. Zapanta also serves his country as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves Medical Corps.

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