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The Bristol ENT Partnership is a team of three experienced Bristol consultants specialising in the treatment of the ear, nose and throat and the wide range of problems that can effect these three interconnected systems. With over 30 years of combined specialist ENT experience, patients can expect a high level of consultant-led care for the full range of ENT service for adults and children.
We offer comprehensive outpatient and inpatient care at the Spire Bristol Hospital and Waterside Suite, Weston-super-Mare. Our wide range of treatments and surgical procedures includes problems with hearing, balance, tumours of the nose, sinuses, throat and larynx, allergies, snoring, voice and swallowing disorders, inflammation of the throat, laryngitis, grommets, tonsillectomy, rhinoplasty and children’s ENT.
Help yourself to a normal birthIn the majority of cases normal birth is best for the mother and baby. The project has received funding from the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP). Pam Purvis and Jennifer Lopes staff the front desk in directly interacting with patients to answer the phones as well as scheduling tests and return appointments. His special interests include sinus disease, sleep apnea, head and neck cancer, surfers ear and pediatric ENT and facial rejuvenation. During his enrollment at Bloomsburg, he gained a wealth of clinical experience in settings such as various ENT clinics, hospitals, private practices, and schools. Originally from Rhode Island, he returned home to complete his clinical fellowship year at one of the state's largest ENT practices.
This work also includes the treatment of conditions of the head and neck and cosmetic and facial plastic surgery.

Working in partnership with our network of institutions enables us to provide optimal care locally with modern diagnostic and surgical facilities.
We are also able to help with conditions such as snoring, sleep disorders and facial cosmetic surgery. Freedman's practice covers all areas of general ENT medicine and surgery with special interests in thyroid surgery and pediatric ENT.
This also allows us to offer local care with specialist paediatric and intensive care facilities. We take pride in responding to patient concerns and being efficient in providing excellent health care. He went on to medical school at the University of Connecticut and received his MD degree in 1979.
He served as Chief of Surgery for 3 years followed by terms as Medical Staff Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President of the medical staff.
He went on to medical school at the Tulane University School of Medicine earning his MD degree in 1985.
Weisberger specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus, as well as the latest hearing instrument and assistive listening technology. Ear candling has been used for thousand of years by many civilisations, Egyptian, Chinese, Aztec, Tibetan, Mayan and American Indian cultures.
He also volunteered part time for two years at the East Bay Medical Clinic in Newport Rhode Island.

His post graduate education includes two years at the Alton Oshsner Medical Foundation from 1985 through 1987 in general surgery.
He went on to a head and neck cancer fellowship at the University of Michigan in 1984-1985.
Freedman has served as a Medical Staff Officer as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and recently completed his term as Medical Staff President, serving from 2007 through 2009.
Following his fellowship he taught 2 years on staff at the University of Connecticut Medical Center as a member of the division of Otolaryngology. The Hopi candle will be gently placed just inside the ear and lit, my hands are placed lightly over the ear to steady the candle.
You may hear a slight crackling or fizzing noise as the Hopi ear candle burns and you may also feel a pleasant warmth around the ear, head and neck area.Each candle takes about 10-13 minutes to burn, the candle is only allowed to burn within 4 inches of the end of the candle and has a plug inside to prevent anything going into the ear. After both ears have been treated a gentle facial massage, including lymphatic drainage, is carried out, paying particular attention to the sinus areas.How does the treatment feel?Hopi Ear Candling is very gentle and feels wonderfully relaxing, warming and soothing.

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