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The maitre d’ was sympathetic, but we didn’t arrive for the first seating, and a wreck on the BQE pushed back reservations 45 minutes.

Thankfully, we were a short walk from Spuyten Duyvil, a funky Williamsburg beer bar that regularly makes ranks among NYC’s best. You’ll also find Doctor’s charts of the “Ear, Nose and Throat” and “Development of the Human Foetus.” In warmer weather, people must flood the amazing stone-lined patio with ivy-lined brick walls.
We ordered a Porterhouse for three, but couldn’t resist Luger’s Sizzling Bacon ($2.95 per slice). The meaty, thick-cut Canadian bacon was blistered and caramelized, with an intensely porky flavor. The Porterhouse arrives with a perfect millimeters-thin sear on a sizzling platter in luscious pan juices.

No surprise: the meat closest to the bone was the most flavorful, no doubt due to a higher fat content.
The Porterhouse had no room for improvement, but it was still worth pouring from Luger’s pitcher. Luger’s Special German Fried Potatoes for 2 ($11.95) are the perfect accompaniment, with crusty bits and sweet nubs of caramelized onion.

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