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Photos Back   Photo: 1 of 9  Next Photo by Jacob SippelHM3 David Rick (right) checks HA Mitchell Hampton's blood pressure at NH Jacksonville’s Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic on Nov. By Jeanne Casey NH Jacksonville Deputy Public Affairs OfficerEveryone looks to their health care provider to help fix them when they’re sick or injured – but most people also want to do what they can to stay well – to feel good, stay actively engaged with life, prevent premature aging and (for service members) maintain medical readiness. See programs in your area that provide families with additional support such as social work and pet therapy.
Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville South extends Nemours specialty pediatric care to children and teens in Jacksonville’s south side, and Mandarin. Our pediatric teams work together with your child’s pediatrician or family care provider, pediatric specialists and researchers throughout Nemours, and our partners at Wolfson Children’s Hospital to achieve the very best outcome for your child. One of our most important partnerships is with you because we believe in family-centered care. Our children's clinic is part of Nemours' multi-specialty group practice that provides pediatric care for children and adolescents with chronic or complex medical conditions in Florida, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
In Northeast Florida, our children's clinics are part of a local network of family-centered pediatric specialty care.
We also have academic affiliations with the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville and the University of Florida College of Medicine, Jacksonville — helping to train the next generation of pediatric physicians through the pediatric residency programs.
Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville South sees patients who are referred to us by primary care family physicians, primary care pediatricians, and referring specialists. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment so we have plenty of time to register your child in our system.
Northeast Florida ClinicsWherever you are on Florida’s First Coast, there’s a Nemours Children’s Specialty Care conveniently located near you. If you see information that needs updating or if you encounter a missing page or link, please let us know.

We won’t use contact information you provide on this form for marketing or solicitation purposes. At Naval Hospital (NH) Jacksonville, our staff works collaboratively with patients to not only manage illness but to enhance wellness.People can play an active role not only with their own healthy choices – eating well, exercising and not smoking – but also by understanding the preventive health guidelines for their age and gender.
Located a mile from the Baptist South Hospital in the Professional Park South building, this satellite children's clinic makes it more convenient to receive follow-up and ongoing care from some of the same specialists your child sees at our main Nemours Children’s Specialty Care location downtown. We value your input and welcome your questions so that, together, we can help your child grow up healthy.
At Nemours, we take a whole-child approach to children’s health care — treating your whole child (not just the condition) and advancing life-changing research, prevention and education.
Learn what to expect and what questions to ask when you're at pediatric specialty appointment. It’s reassuring to know that our highly experienced Cleft and Craniofacial team can provide life-changing surgical care and innovative treatment throughout your child’s growth and development.
Our pediatric craniofacial team will give your child ongoing compassionate care and support. Michael Kaplan, NH Jacksonville allergy and immunology physician, shows two-year-old Kaedyn Smith his otoscope, which he uses to examine her ears and screen for illness at a well-child checkup on Nov. Back   Photo: 2 of 9  Next Photo by Jacob SippelKelley Miller, a phlebotomist at NH Jacksonville’s laboratory, draws blood from HA Jacob Bryant as part of a preventive screening panel. Screenings are important for maintaining health, getting medical advice and identifying any problems early for optimal treatment.• Children and teens need regular medical and dental checkups and all recommended immunizations. We also partner with Wolfson Children's Hospital by providing specialty pediatric care, including inpatient hospital care, Emergency Department consultations and surgical consultations. But both are treatable, and most children can have surgery to repair these anomalies within the first 12-18 months of life.

James Gherardini, an NH Jacksonville dentist, inspects HA Haley Chadderson's teeth during a scheduled dental visit on Nov. Older adults also need eye checks, pneumococcal vaccine (ages 65 and over), and colorectal screening such as colonoscopy (starting at age 50). Back   Photo: 4 of 9  Next Photo by Jacob SippelMelanie Sembach, an NH Jacksonville doctor of audiology, explains to John Zander how to properly install and use a hearing aid. Back   Photo: 5 of 9  Next Photo by Jacob SippelJustin Strickland, an NH Jacksonville optometrist, conducts a vision exam for ET3 Damen Fong. Back   Photo: 6 of 9  Next Photo by Jacob SippelAt NH Jacksonville’s Pediatrics Clinic, HM Michelle Ogbolu (right) measures Logistics Specialist Stephani Pavoni's six-month-old baby boy Lyle's head during a well-baby checkup on Nov. The command is comprised of a hospital and five branch health clinics across Florida and Georgia. Of its patient population – 215,000 active and retired sailors, soldiers, Marines, airmen, guardsmen and their families – more than 57,000 are enrolled with a PCM.
Jessica Beard, an NH Jacksonville certified nurse midwife, assesses the heartbeat of Brittney Brennan's baby during a prenatal checkup on Nov. Back   Photo: 9 of 9  Next Photo by Jacob SippelBarbara Brizzee, a mammography technologist, performs a screening mammogram on a patient at NH Jacksonville’s Breast Care Center on Nov.

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