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At Clifton-Wallington Medical Group, we provide continuing and comprehensive family medicine for adults and adolescents, including most preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare services for a wide array of acute and chronic problems.
If you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment, fill out the contact form or call us at 973-473-4400. About Us Our practice philosophy is to always put the patients and their families first, and we look forward to the privilege of caring for you and your family members. Contact usIf you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment, fill out the contact form or call our office during the office hours. A partnership between hospitals assures that even the most severely injured patients can receive the treatment they need close to home.
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Knops has over 20 years of experience in the medical and surgical treatment of otolaryngology disorders.

We are dedicated to treating the whole person, and devoted to making each individual patient’s needs and concerns a priority. We are dedicated to enhancing and promoting the health and well-being of members of our community by rendering high quality medical care.
Elizabeth offers the technology of a large university-affiliated hospital, while still providing the personal touch of a community health care facility.
Elizabeth Boardman, they will see that this new hospital builds on the strength and history of St.
He completed his residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where he was named Chief Resident and appointed as a Clinical Instructor. His areas of interest include advanced and complex sinus and nasal disorders and, in particular, the use of minimally invasive endoscopic surgical techniques to achieve optimal outcomes.
He enjoys playing and coaching soccer as well as hiking, biking and cross country skiing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Knops has practiced in Bellingham since 1994, is Board Certified by the American Academy of Otolaryngology and is a member of the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Rhinologic Society.

Knops utilizes a wide variety of modern strategies, including balloon sinuplasty, to achieve excellent sinus surgery results.
Knops encourages an open patient-doctor relationship and emphasizes an individual approach for each patient.
Joseph as well as modern evidence-based design.Here, visitors find not only the finest in clinical care, but also the use of colors, nature, natural light, artwork, water features and classical music that create a healing environment that is calming to patients, visitors, and staff alike. Elizabeth residency programs are guided by experienced and dedicated faculty who provide a stimulating educational, clinical and academic environment. Built utilizing modern health care design, which emphasizes patient privacy and a holistic approach to healing, St. Knops maintains an active practice in thyroid and parathyroid surgeries—emphasizing minimally invasive approaches, treats breathing disorders and enjoys pediatric otolaryngology.

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