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Richmond ENT, in affiliation with our sister corporation Richmond Hearing Aids, provides medical evaluation and treatment for a variety of ear conditions.
I received my calling to heal the sick in eighth grade and pursued my education with focused determination for the next 18 years. If you are tired of being rushed through the office of a physician who will only listen to one complaint per visit, consider the board-certified ear nose and throat specialists at Richmond ENT. Carol Byrd, MD is a graduate of the University of Richmond and the Medical College of Virginia. Tony Giordano, MD, PhD is a respected otolaryngologist who has practiced in Richmond for more than 30 years.
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The otolaryngologists at Fort Worth ENT want all patients to have the education and care they need to be comfortable, informed decision makers. Our knowledgeable doctors have many years of experience, and a range of specializations including sinus disease, sleep apnea, allergy, hearing loss and general ENT disorders in children and adults. We believe that excellence in performing surgery, surgical aftercare and medical management of our patients is most important.
The Fort Worth Sinus Center provides comprehensive care for diseases and ailments of the nasal sinuses.

Snoring and In-office Treatment with the Pillar ProcedureThe Pillar Procedure is an effective treatment used to strengthen the soft palate and reduce the vibration that causes snoring and sleep apnea.
We use our own and third-party cookies to improve our services and facilitate web usage by analysing your browsing preferences. For more than 10 years, she has limited her practice exclusively to laser and light based skin treatments to remove fine wrinkles, blemishes, spider veins, hair and unwanted tattoos. A graduate of Hahnemann Medical College, with a PhD from the University of Rochester, he trained in otolaryngology at the University of Minnesota. It is important to fully understand the health issues that you face, as well as the treatment options. We strive to keep current by using state-of-the-art technology so we can provide our patients with the safest operations, with the most optimal results.
The Sinus Center offers complete diagnostic, treatment and management services for pediatric and adult patients with nasal and sinus concerns.
Her practice includes the skin of the entire body, and complements the cosmetic treatments offered by our surgeons. Board-certified in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, his special interests include balance and hearing disorders, sleep apnea, sinus and allergy diseases, and surgery of the thyroid and salivary glands.
Specialists at the center are experienced in the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques such as balloon sinuplasty and functional- and image-guided endoscopic sinus surgery.

You can get more information, or find out how to change the settings, in our use of cookies policy. Board-certified in both otolaryngology and in facial plastic surgery, he provides comprehensive treatment of nasal, sinus and allergic disorders, including cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
It's a good time to check the expiration dates and availability of both controller meds and rescue meds, especially those old albuterol inhalers in the backpack or gym bag that may be either empty or clogged.
In addition, the Sinus Center's physicians specialize in correcting previous sinus surgeries and their complications.
He is a leader in the development of office based surgical treatments for sinusitis, such as Balloon Sinuplasty. Take our Sino-nasal Outcome Test (SNOT-22) to predict the likelihood of symptom improvement after surgery.

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