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A large house standing in beautiful grounds, Rushden memorial Hospital was purchased from contributions by inhabitants of the town as a War Memorial. Patients tone up their leg muscles on two of the pieces of apparatus used for physiotherapy treatment at Rushden Memorial Hospital.
To end the story of how Kettering and District Hospital Management Committee is carrying out developments to meet the increasing demands made on hospitals in their area, this week we feature Rushden, where the townspeople themselves have played a big part in the cause of public health. At the end of World War Two the inhabitants of the town contributed towards the purchase of a beautiful house, standing in spacious grounds, near the centre of Rushden, and helped to provide the necessary equipment. Rushden Memorial Hospital, as it is called, therefore belongs very much to the ordinary man in the street. At present Rushden Memorial Hospital provides services for general medicine, general surgery, gynaecology, ear, nose and throat treatment, and ophthalmology.
Mention of Rushden conjures up in most people’s minds thoughts of the now famous sanatorium there battling against tuberculosis with an encouraging measure of success.
Just as they provided Rushden with the Memorial Hospital so the public, through the Tuberculosis Care Committee, does valuable work for the welfare of patients discharged from the sanatorium, and through the Friends of Rushden House provide in-patients with extras and amenities. Funds raised at Rushden several years ago will cover most of the cost of improvements now to be made at the town’s War Memorial Hospital.
Estimated to cost £6,500, the work has been ordered by the Kettering District Hospital Management Committee.
With the top floor in use, the old heating arrangements become inadequate, and a completely new oil-fired heating system is to be installed. A lift serving all floors is an important new feature, and the work also includes the adaptation, re-decoration and equipping of rooms. A tablet recording Rushden's final gift of £4,500 to the War Memorial Hospital in Hayway is handed by Mr.

Fourteen hundred people from a district which includes Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough and Raunds visit Rushden Memorial Hospital every month, and each arrival costs the authorities eleven shillings. Saturday’s ceremony, at which 150 people from the town and district were guests of the House Committee, opened in a marquee, where Mr. Most of the promoting committee’s aspirations had been accomplished, and some of the best medical and surgical brains in the country had been serving the people of the district. The theft of fruit and flowers from the grounds of Rushden Memorial Hospital is causing deep concern, and the Kettering and District Hospital Management Committee is asking for the co-operation of the public in putting a stop to the present situation.
Apart from stealing, there have been frequent cases of damage, often wilful, to trees, hedges and flower beds.
The wide entrances to the two drives leading to the hospital building are un-gated, but the thieves and damage-doers are believed nearly always to get into the grounds over the side fence from the adjoining field. Barbed wire has been fixed on the fences and on the locked gates of the fruit field behind the building, but still the trouble-makers manages to get through. It was a great shame that such mean conduct was to be experienced, and she hoped that people of the neighbourhood and passers-by would tell the police if they saw any unauthorised persons in the grounds outside normal hours.
A strong rumour which has been circulating in the Rushden area that the Memorial Hospital in the Hayway is to close down has been categorically denied by the Oxford Regional Hospital Board.
The rumour started at the beginning of the week and by Wednesday was being spoken of as fact.
The hospital itself was bought by public subscription for £16,000 and was opened as a physiotherapy unit.
Later it was run under the auspices of the Oxford Regional Hospital Board as a clinic where patients are still able to meet consultants. Radio therapy treatment is being given, as you know, but what is more pleasing is that specialists from Northampton and Kettering General Hospitals are making regular attendances for consultations.

In the near future they hope to have still better arrangements for the timing of appointments resulting in the minimum of delay.
It arises from the increasing use of the hospital as shown by the fact that physiotherapy treatments alone increased from 10,000 in 1953 to 18,000 last year. The first floor will be used as a consultative out-patient department, and the top floor, at present unused, will accommodate the ophthalmic, ear, nose and throat, and paediatric clinics. Arthur Colton, chairman of the House Committee, gave these figures on Saturday when a lift and other new features at the hospital were officially opened.
Colton recalled the hospital opening within six months of the decision to nationalise the health service. Gerald Gibbons, vice-chairman of the Kettering and District Hospital Management Committee, thanked the Rushden public and added that the voluntary spirit had by no means been submerged by the Welfare State.
Jack Minney, said that for the 14 years he has been working at the hospital there have been frequent cases of theft and damage – something he would never even have thought could happen when he worked for Lord Northampton at Castle Ashby. It was certainly no intention of the Hospital Management Committee to discontinue the facilities provided at the Memorial Hospital, he added. Lane said that the apples were stolen at the time of the year when prices were high in the shops, and the stripping of trees was done very systematically, showing that it was unlikely to be children who are responsible.
Wicks, superintendent gardener, who tends the gardens of all hospitals administered by the management committee, and Mr. Bell, secretary, said that the Kettering committee deeply appreciated the generosity always shown by the Rushden Memorial Hospital Committee.

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