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Dr Kariyawasam shall have no responsibility or liability with respect to any loss or damage arising from the information or the use of information contained on these pages. THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING THE AUDIOLOGY AND HEARING AID DEPARTMENT AT ENT SPECIALISTS, PC IN OMAHA, NEBRASKA WITH ALL YOUR HEARING HEALTHCARE NEEDS! To view our patient testimonials or if you would like to submit a patient testimonial, please click HERE.
Please click HERE to be directed to the ReSound web site for more information on hearing aid types and styles. Instruments purchased from this office range from a 2-4 year warranty for repairs, parts and services, in addition to a 2-4 year loss coverage. Additionally, we will file your hearing aid costs to your insurance company if coverage is provided. Designed to provide you with superior wind noise reduction, providing clarity in situations that matter most. Compact and easy to wear throughout the day, unlike bulky and uncomfortable earmuffs or earplugs. Ken Stallons attended the University of South Dakota, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Accounting.

Ken currently sees patients at the main ENT Specialists, PC clinic location in Omaha, Nebraska and also twice monthly in O'Neill, Nebraska.
To learn more about Misty, click HERE to view an article where Misty was featured in Strictly Business magazine in Omaha! Brenda works at ENT Specialists, PC's main clinic location in the Regency area in Omaha, Nebraska.
To learn more about Brenda, click HERE to view an article where Brenda was featured in Strictly Business magazine in Omaha! Dr Kariyawasam cannot accept responsibility for any information contained in pages linked from this site.
Rollins decided to practice medicine, he had a vision to create a family-oriented practice that provided exceptional service for ear, nose and throat care in the community. You have been with ENT Specialists for 16 years now.  Why have you stayed and continue to stay with this practice?
We specialize in general ENT, allergy, sinus conditions (headache and surgery), ear surgery, sleep disorders and head and neck surgery for adults and children. This was followed by four years of training in Otolaryngology where he completed his residency at the New York University Department of Otolaryngology in 2003.

He also serves as treasure and chairman of the scholarship committee for the Clinical Society of Queens and Long Island. This has resulted in many patient referrals because I make sure my patients are comfortable and satisfied with the level of care I have given them before they walk out the door. He also volunteers in the community participating in local health fairs and school programs. His dream of giving back to the community became a reality in 2006 with the opening of his medical practice. With the singular goal of providing the community with a new level of care in the ear, nose and throat area of medicine, Dr.

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