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The Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) is at the forefront of ophthalmic research in Australia. Together with the University of Melbourne Department of Ophthalmology, we deliver a comprehensive program of teaching, training and research. Diabetes Victoria is the leading charity and peak consumer body working to reduce the impact of diabetes. We are committed to minimising the impact of diabetes in the community, helping all people affected by diabetes and contributing to the search for a cure. Networking Health Victoria (NHV) is a state level organisation working with Medicare Locals to better integrate general practice, other primary health care providers and the broader state health system to meet the healthcare needs of the Victorian Community.
NHV facilitates relationships between organisations, provides programs addressing prevention and chronic disease management in primary care, and provides networks on key issues in primary care. Our iconic Guide Dogs assist hundreds of Victorians every day to live a fuller life and reduce barriers to participation in society. Optometry Victoria is a member-based organisation providing professional information, support, and education for registered optometrists practising primarily in Victoria. Professional services, information, resources, policy and advocacy, continuing professional development and other activities to support the work of practising optometrists, support members in practising to the highest standards, and ensure vision care is a priority in the Victorian community.
The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital is Australia’s only specialist eye, ear, nose and throat hospital and has been providing care for the senses for over 150 years. The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital is a world class specialist hospital in eye and ear care that provides services across Victoria.
SunSmart implements a combination of interventions to affect individual sun protective behaviours balanced with advocacy for broader environmental and legislative change. Vision Australia is a leading national provider of blindness and low vision services in Australia. We work in partnership with Australians who are blind or have low vision to help them achieve the possibilities they choose in life. 24 Hour Comprehensive Medical care for both the Mother and the Newborn Baby Provided by the On-Duty Doctors and Nursing Staff of Victoria Hospital.

The cost of three meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) for the patient by Victoria hospital. Consultation fees incurred for the services of the Specialists chosen by the Patient herself. Expenses which will be incurred should the need for the Transfusion of Blood or Blood Products arise. The cost of any food or beverages ordered and consumed by the Patient’s Attendants and Visitors. Our customer care department delivers total satisfaction with our services for patients and attendants form the moment they arrive till the time of their departure. Visit of Minister Leo Varadkar, TD to the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospitalon 11th November 2015Click here for photos and a transcript of the Address given by the President of Council Mr. Still known locally as Bolchow's Hospital, a reflection perhaps of its 19c benefactor, the building is now boarded and unused with the site looking ripe for development. You have to understand he is going to work, he isn’t just sitting at home while you are going to the doctors office. Our work covers the full spectrum of medical research, from basic discovery to understand disease processes better, through clinical research to improve diagnosis and treatment, to translation and applied research including better health service delivery, eye health education and program evaluation. Our work covers type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes, as well as programs for people at risk. The Eye and Ear has over 50 different outpatient clinics for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of vision and hearing loss and provides a 24 hour emergency eye and ear, nose, and throat health service. We have also taken a leadership role promoting a balance between the benefits and harms of ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure and the links with vitamin D.
90% of Victorian early Childhood Centres and Primary Schools are members of the SunSmart Program. We provide precise and relevant answers to all your inquiries regarding our hospital services. 08: The building has now been demolished and a Travelodge is being constructed in its place.

Tomorrow I am going to the hospital for an ENT appointment (ear, nose and throat specialist) I have been having the feeling of food getting stuck in my throat and tomorrow I’m getting a scope down my throat. Also, you are just going to a doctors appointment and although it may be a little scary for you and it’s not a normal check up, I can see why you are a bit scared and would want him by your side. We work with children from 4 years of age to develop the skills and confidence to fulfil every opportunity and lead a life of their choosing. In 2012-13 the Eye and Ear cared for around 250,000 patients, with over 195,000 outpatients, nearly 40,000 emergency patients and nearly 13,000 inpatients. SunSmart also works with secondary schools, workplaces, health professionals, local government and sporting clubs to promote a healthy UV exposure. All patients up to age 13 inclusive should be referred to the appropriate paediatric hospital. I have moved miles away from all my family to be with my husband and he is the only person I have in my area.
I know you asked him to go with you, but did you explain to him why you want him to go, maybe if he knew that you were really scared and you only wanted him to meet you there during his lunch hour or something he would consider going. We support individuals impacted by stroke and brain injury to assist their transition in coping with lifestyle changes, utilising their remaining vision and other senses to regain safe and independent mobility.
This intensive community-level work is underpinned by population-wide media campaigns that communicate key messages and reinforce positive social norms around tanning and sun protection. I am very scared, worried and nervous about tomorrow and I would like it if my husband came with me to support me, but he wont come.
You aren’t about to go into surgery for something, if you were then I would definitely say he needs to go with you. Try talking to him again and really explaining why you want him to go, and ask if maybe he can just meet you there during his lunch hour (he doesn’t need to miss a whole day of work for this).

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