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Aconitum napellus has an anti-inflammatory action and is useful at the onset of middle ear infection to relieve earache, reduce swelling, noise sensitivity and associated fever. Agraphis nutans acts on the respiratory mucosa to treat discharge of watery mucus especially associated with exposure to cold wind. Ambrosia artemisifolia has a decongestant action on the respiratory mucosa with specific application in hayfever, excessive lachrymation (watery eyes) and itching and redness of the eyelids especially during summer.Aralia racemosa has an antispasmodic action on respiratory muscle tissue and helps relieve dry cough and difficult breathing when lying down.
Argentum nitricum has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect on the mucous membrane and other tissues of the eye. Pentagen effectively targets 5 main areas affected by upper respiratory tract infections:1.
Clinical trials have shown standardized extracts of Pelargonium sidoides to safely and effectively shorten the severity and duration of acute bronchitis and tonsillopharyngitis.

Agraphis nutans is indicated for blocked nostrils, nasal discharge, enlarged tonsils and adenoids and impaired hearing due to accumulated mucus. Chininum arsenicosum relieves profuse, runny nose, post-nasal drip and throbbing headache in the frontal and occipital regions.
It relieves swollen red rims of the eyes, blurred vision, eye strain, swelling of the conjunctiva and photophobia. Neuralgic pain above the eyes with light sensitivity and excessive watering eyes are relieved by this remedy. Especially beneficial for first stages of colds and sore throats.Hydrastis canadensis for thick, yellow ropy mucus in the nose, sinuses and throat. Once Pentagen has been opened, it is recommended that any liquid which remains after 30 days should be discarded.

Chininum arsenicosum also has a detoxification action when the tongue is yellow, slimy or fur-covered.
Also for cough with burning pain in chest and thick yellow expectoration.Kalium bichromicum for blocked nose and tough, stringy, viscid secretions of the sinuses, pharynx, the larynx and bronchi.
Also for foul-smelling discharges.Natrium muriaticum for profuse runny nose and frontal sinus inflammation often accompanied by frequent or explosive sneezing. Sambucus nigra acts on the respiratory system to relieve snuffles, swelling of mucous membranes and a sensation of suffocating while sleeping at night.

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