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According to the Head & Neck Cancer Alliance, 85 percent of these cancers are linked to tobacco use. Some of the symptoms that are common in head and neck cancer include a lump or sore that does not heal, a sore throat that does not go away, difficulty swallowing and a change or hoarseness in the voice. The screening is sponsored in part by the Head & Neck Cancer Alliance in honor of Oral Cancer Awareness week. Southcoast Health System is a community based health delivery system with multiple access points, offering an integrated continuum of health services throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and East Bay, Rhode Island. It includes the three hospitals that make up Southcoast Hospitals Group — Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, St. Southcoast provides advanced clinical services, such as open heart surgery, angioplasty and heart rhythm services, comprehensive cancer care, neurosurgery, weight loss surgery, orthopedic surgery, advanced imaging services and is the only provider of maternity services in the region.
Southcoast is a not-for-profit charitable organization that depends on the support of the community to provide services. Your ears, nose, and throat are all part of your upper respiratory system, explains Paul Jones, MD, director of pediatric otolaryngology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. When left untreated, an ear infection can lead to a more serious infection, permanent hearing loss, and problems with speech and language development — so speak to your doctor right away if you think you or child have an ear infection. Ear wax is a natural protector against infections, explains Jones, and you should never try to remove it or you may end up pushing the wax further in … and needing to have it removed by an ear, nose, and throat specialist. However, in some cases, excessive ear wax can accumulate in the ear canal, possibly causing ear pain, a plugged sensation in the ear, itching, ear odor — even hearing loss. Nosebleeds happen due to a number of different causes — dry air, allergies, colds, migraine headaches, even cocaine use.
When you speak, air moving through your vocal cords (1) causes vibrations and results in sound.
Lifestyle choices are often to blame for a dry throat, Jones says — too much caffeine or alcohol, not enough water, and smoking cigarettes (menthol, too, can dry out the throat).
From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. Located in the neck just below the larynx, the thyroid gland regulates your body's energy levels and releases hormones that regulate your metabolism. Lobectomy - If nodules are located in only one lobe of the thyroid, your surgeon will remove that lobe alone. Total Thyroidectomy – Removal of the entire gland (both lobes and the isthmus) and the lymph nodes surrounding the gland. We also use Laryngeal Nerve Monitoring to enable us to identify, confirm, and monitor motor nerve function to help reduce the risk of nerve damage. Patients may develop hypothyroidism after surgery, which requires treatment with thyroid hormone.
The success of a thyroidectomy to remove thyroid cancer depends on the type of cancer and whether it has metastasized (spread) to other parts of the body. The parathyroid glands are four small glands in the neck that are part of the endocrine system. Hyperparathyroidism involves an excessive production of PTH, regardless of the amount of calcium in the blood. Although medication is available to treat hyperparathyroidism, certain levels require surgery, which has a  > 95% percent success rate. To learn more about our Ear, Nose & Throat and Head & Neck Surgery Services, please contact us today to schedule an appointment! Please Note: The information on this site is solely for purposes of general patient education, and may not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical care.
Smoking cigarettes is the major cause of most head and neck cancers, while chewing tobacco has been shown to cause mouth cancer. They share anatomy and have similar mucous membrane linings, which means they get similar infections; an infection, an allergy, or another problem affecting one of them (from ear pressure pain and strep throat to problems with your sinuses and constant phlegm in the throat) may also affect the others.

Otitis media, an ear infection of the middle ear, occurs when the mucosa (the lining of the upper respiratory tract that secretes mucus) swells because of a cold, respiratory infection, or allergy, and the Eustachian tube (3) gets blocked. The doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to kill the bacteria and recommend pain medications or prescription ear drops. If you want a way to keep ear wax to a minimum, says Jones, you can try flushing your ears by putting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear once a week.
Their function is to equalize internal and external pressure — that’s why you experience ear-popping with elevation changes on airplanes.
The septum divides it vertically (one external nostril on each side), but the nose is also separated into front and back parts.
Sometimes a nosebleed can be due to blood clotting disorders or being on blood-thinning medication. Doctors test for strep when someone has a sore throat because of its dangerous complications, such as heart problems that can happen later if the strep is not treated. When all the working parts don’t come together properly, your voice can sound strained, raspy, or hoarse.
View all.ConnectDon't miss out on breaking news, live chats, lively debates, and inspiring stories. Thyroid hormones influence virtually every organ system in the body, telling organs how fast or slow they should work.
After the procedure you may feel soreness in your throat because of the breathing tube that was inserted. Hypoparathyroidism is under functioning of the parathyroid glands which control your body's calcium levels. You may need follow-up treatment with radioactive iodine to treat cancer that has metastasized or to help prevent the cancer from returning. They produce parathyroid hormone (PTH), which maintains calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. Although not a cancerous condition, hyperparathyroidism is often caused by a tumor on the parathyroid gland, known as an adenoma, which enlarges the affected gland and causes it to continuously secrete PTH. Understanding the anatomy of your ears, nose, and throat will help you know how to keep them in good health and free of infections.
The canal leads into the slightly angled eardrum (2), also called the tympanic membrane — this transmits sound to the middle ear, which is behind the eardrum inside the skull.
Adults get fewer ear infections than kids because their Eustachian tubes are bigger and more angled.
Ear wax will come out naturally on its own, and constantly removing it can disturb the wax-producing glands. The front, visible part of the nose is called the anterior, which is made from cartilage; the section that leads into the throat is called the posterior.
An increase in mucus production is usually due to an infection or an obstruction, which the body wants to flush out. Strep throat is most common in children between the ages of 5 and 15, and symptoms of strep include sore throat, swollen tonsils, telltale white patches on the throat, fever, body aches, and even stomach pain.
Hoarseness happens for a number of reasons — your vocal cords can be swollen from a cold virus or laryngitis (which occurs when the vocal cords become inflamed or swollen, or simply because you’ve been yelling or overusing your voice). While some factors, including age, can’t be changed — as we age, our mucous glands dry up — others can be soothed. Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. We diagnose thyroid conditions using ultrasound surveillance and ultrasound-guided biopsies done in our office. You will be hospitalized for about 24 hours following the operation and will be able to return to normal day-to-day activities in a few days. If the parathyroids are damaged during surgery, this can cause temporary or permanent shutdown, resulting in a lowered calcium level, called hypocalcemia.

The primary disease associated with the parathyroids is overproduction of PTH, known as hyperparathyroidism.
It is estimated that some 50,000 men and women in the United States are diagnosed with head and neck cancers annually. The middle ear includes the Eustachian tube (3), which connects to the throat, and the ossicles (tiny bones) (4), through which sound travels. If you do get infections, you may have a Eustachian tube that genetically doesn’t work correctly, Dr.
Surrounding the nose are the sinuses, normally air-filled pockets that can cause pain if they become mucus-filled or infected. If mucus is too thick, a medication like Mucinex can make the mucus thinner so that it’s more easily swallowed.
And the laryngopharynx (3), or lower section of the throat, is in front of the esophagus (4); this is where the larynx, or voice box, and the vocal cords are housed (5). However, prolonged hoarseness can also indicate a serious problem, such as cancer, so see an ENT specialist if your symptoms don't go away. For example, a dry throat could be a sign that you’re getting a cold, Jones says, so cold medications may help. You should not engage in strenuous activities, such as heavy lifting or vigorous sports, for at least 10 days after the operation.
Permanent hypoparathyroidism is rare and occurs most often in surgeries for thyroid cancer. Your particular problem will determine how many of the parathyroid glands need to be removed.
Caucasians currently have the highest incidence rates of head and neck cancer, although death is still highest among African Americans.
But when it’s dysfunctional, such as when dust or allergies are irritating the lining, you may need to decongest it. There are four sinus cavities — frontal sinuses, maxillary sinuses, ethmoid sinuses, and sphenoid sinuses. Some parathyroid tissue must be left in place to help prevent hypoparathyroidism and resulting hypocalemia, which can be dangerous. Other types of ear infections include otitis externa (an outer ear infection, or swimmer’s ear) and otitis interna (an inner ear infection). Sinus tissue and your nasal passages are covered with cilia, microscopic hairs that capture dust and dirt so we don’t breathe in bacteria. Using saltwater solutions and irrigating the nose helps; talk to your doctor about appropriate techniques. A number of common problems can affect the throat: strep and other infections that cause sore throats, hoarseness, laryngitis, and tonsillitis are just a few.
Very rarely, says Jones, a malfunctioning Eustachian tube could be a sign of blockage by head or neck cancer.
The septum has many blood vessels near its surface, which is why the nose bleeds rather easily. Viral infections generally resolve themselves, while bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics.
As with a blocked Eustachian tube, tumors could mimic sinusitis symptoms, especially if symptoms are on one side.

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