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Above the ground floor are newer Trajan-derived steel letters whose chief quality is usefulness for pedestrians. The most obvious name when approaching is made of Trajan-derived letters made in steel along the top edge of the new entrance extension, and on a glazed ceramic panel at the Kinga€™s Cross end of the building.
Several military hospitals existed before the Great War, some even pre-dating the Boer War and going back to the Crimea. A number of hospitals had been identified before the war for use and operation by the Territorial Force. As the demand for hospital beds increased, one of the actions taken to provide more capacity was to turn over existing pre-war asylums for military use. Land either on existing army bases or acquired nearby for the purpose was converted into major hospitals. Large numbers of public and private buildings (often large houses) were turned over for use as small hospitals, most of which operated as annexes to nearby larger hospitals. University College Hospital, London, included a 20-bed specialist military cardiac unit from late 1914. National Hospital for Diseases of the Heart, Westmorland Street, London W, opened a military specialist military cardiac unit in late 1915. Brinnington Neurological Section, Stockport (see 2nd Western General Hospital, Lancashire). Eggbuckland Hospital, Devonport, a specialist venereal disease hospital for 30 officers and 180 men. A specialist venereal disease hospital for 47 officers and 430 men was also established at Hilsea. 200 bedunit for limbless men domiciled in Cheshire and Lancashire, excluding Manchester, was established at Alder Hey.

Lancaster House Auxiliary Hospital (affiliated to 2nd Western General Hospital), Manchester. New Bridge Street Hospital, Manchester, a specialist venereal disease hospital for 530 men.
Spike Island Hospital, Widnes, a specialist venereal disease hospital for 50 officers and 450 men.
Special Military Surgical Hospital (and Strand Extension), Edmonton, for orthopaedic cases. Grove Hospital, Newcastle, a specialist venereal disease hospital for 48 officers and 552 men. On the original building the frieze at the top contains egyptian letters cast on terracotta blocks. On the north-facing, flanking wall another version of this name and lettering style appears as a white and blue glazed panel set in the brickwork. While the letterform a€“ a condensed modern a€“ is more usually associated with fashion magazine mastheads, its execution is interesting being apparently cast with the terrazzo panels of the wall. The hostel is an ideal base to explore the city from  with friendly staff to help you find your way. Categories of specialism included mental hospitals, units for limbless men, neurological units, orthopaedic units, cardiac units, typhoid units and venereal disease.
An emergency wartime facility created in Stamford Street, Waterloo, in what is now the Franklin-Wilkins building of King's College London.
Founded in 1915 by two former suffragettes, Dr Louisa Garrett Anderson and Dr Flora Murray, the hospital was staffed entirely by women.
One of the many barracks at Colchester, the main buildings at Sobraon were constructed in 1900.

A military unit treated cases not sent to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (London) from March 1915 onward.
Almost monoline in construction, each is placed centrally on a square block which creates an irregular rhythm to the words containing I. Guests also benefit from full access to sister hostel Clink 78’s bar and other facilities. For example, the 1st Southern General Hospital was based on the Great Hall at the University of Birmingham.
Over 70000 military personnel were treated there between 1915 and 1919, including innovative plastic surgery cases. A cardiac hospital was opened when here Hampstead Military Hospital at Hillingdon (London) was turned over to the Royal Flying Corps. Aapparently based at Whitworth Street in the city,but also located at more than 20 other sites in Manchester and Stockport, most being school buildings.
They did not exist as such prior to the war other than for training purposes, but were mobilised in August 1914. An infectious diseases hospital taken over from the Metropolitan Asylum Board.
All were expanded during war time, not only on the primary sites but with the addition of Auxiliary Hospitals and annexes. They were staffed by a mixture of TF Nursing Service personnel and volunteers from many different organisations.

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