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The lining of the nose is more likely to become dry and irritated from low humidity, allergies, colds, or sinusitis. Most nosebleeds occur on the front of the nasal septum, the tissue that separates the two sides of the nose.
Occasionally, nosebleeds may indicate other disorders such as bleeding disorders or high blood pressure. Frequent nosebleeds may also be a sign of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (also called HHT or Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome).
Repeated nosebleeds may be a symptom of another disease such as high blood pressure, allergies, a bleeding disorder, or a tumor of the nose or sinuses. Sit down and gently squeeze the soft portion of the nose between your thumb and finger (so that the nostrils are closed) for a full10 minutes. Call your doctor if you or your child has repeated nosebleeds, particularly if they are becoming more frequent and are not associated with a cold or other minor irritation. You may be referred to an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist to diagnose and treat the condition.

A cooler house and a vaporizer, to return humidity to the air, help many people with frequent nosebleeds. A nose fracture is a break in the bone or cartilage over the bridge, in the sidewall, or septum (line dividing the nostrils) of the nose. Sometimes, as a result of a blunt injury, the wall dividing the nostrils (septum) can separate.
Nose injuries and neck injuries are often seen together because a blow that is forceful enough to injure the nose may be hard enough to injure the neck.
Occasionally, surgery may be needed to correct a deformity of the nose or septum caused by a trauma. Have the patient breathe through the mouth and lean forward in a sitting position in order to keep blood from going down the back of the throat. Wear protective headgear while playing contact sports, riding bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, or rollerblades. Air moving through the nose can dry and irritate the membranes lining the inside of the nose, forming crusts.

Thus, nosebleeds occur more frequently in the winter when viruses are common and heated indoor air dries out the nostrils. Nasal saline spray and water soluble jelly (such as Ayr gel) can help prevent nosebleeds, especially during the winter months. However, for minor nose injuries, the doctor may prefer to see the patient within the first week after the injury if the nose may have become deformed.
If possible, the patient should hold the compress so that there isn't too much pressure on the nose.
A deviated septum, foreign object in the nose, or other nasal blockage can also cause a nosebleed. Many nosebleeds can be controlled in this way if enough time is allowed for the bleeding to stop.

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