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Ours is a deeply unequal health system where sick children who are reliant on the public system are left waiting for months and even years while children whose families can afford it are avoiding the waiting lists and accessing care through the private system.
If we look at children specifically we can see that the numbers of children waiting to be seen in hospital day cases has risen by a third (33.7%) in just over a year (from December 2014 to March 2016).
Meanwhile the number of children on inpatient (often surgery) waiting lists has increased by 18% in the same period. This shows just how far away we are from putting in place the aspirations of the 1916 Proclamation that aimed to cherish “all children of the nation equally”. So while the state splashed out on the recent celebrations and commemorations over ten thousand sick children (11, 145 to be exact) are waiting to be seen for an appointment in our public hospitals.
While most of the media coverage so far has looked at the overall waiting lists numbers, including both adults and children, I have analysed the waiting list figures released by the National Treatment Purchase Fund to look specifically at the numbers of children who are waiting to be seen in our hospitals. The graph below shows that things have worsened considerably in quite a short space of time. I can only imagine the stress and worry on those parents and the needless suffering of children waiting month after month and in some cases, over a year, to be seen in a hospital for illnesses relating to Ear Nose and Throat, Respiratory illnesses, Cardiology, Surgery, Orthopaedics and even Radiology.
Some of our regional hospitals like Galway and Waterford are also notable for their high waiting lists and significant increases over the last year.
The reasons for waiting lists are complex but there is no doubt that the austerity cuts and the failure to provide sufficient funding to our public health system is a large part of it.
There has been some debate in the media recently about the “high” level of spending on our health services and the resultant claim that the system is the problem. But the system is in chaos – with underpaid staff, closed beds, inadequate facilities – not because of the lack of effort or capabilities from the people working in the health system but due to its chronic under resourcing.
The public health system in Ireland does not provide universal comprehensive accessible healthcare like the National Health Service in the UK. Also people who don’t have a medical care or health insurance are charged for use of the public system as well.
This is a deeply unequal health system which results in these massive waiting lists and the inequality whereby sick children who are reliant on the public system are left waiting for months and even years while children whose families can afford it are avoiding the waiting lists and accessing care through the private system.
The waiting lists show that we need a properly funded universal public health system that can provide equal and timely access to high quality treatment for all our citizens. The public demonstrated in the recent election that would rather forego tax reductions such as the USC in order to see a properly funded universal health system.
So whatever never government is formed has the public support to do it – it just has to have the political will to implement it.
Dr Rory Hearne is a policy analyst, academc, social justice campaigner and  independent candidate for the Seanad NUI Colleges Panel. Healthcare access in a civilised society in my opinion, should be based on need, not means Owen. Anne, look at chart of private vs public spending on healthcare in the OECD that Rory used in his post – every single country has a material element of private sector healthcare spending. Should we leave the poor and uneducated to die if they become ill and can’t afford to pay for treatment? Owen, Ireland is party to the UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
The core of the Government’s health reform programme is a single-tier health service, supported by Universal Health Insurance (UHI) and designed in accordance with the principles of social solidarity. If there’s to be no distinction between public and private, as mentioned also, I doubt it. Anne, i, and i reckon most other people, would be very surprised if UHI meant the end of private sector coverage.
Rushed my 3 year old to Crumlin in January of this year after a severe reaction to something she ate. I remember when we went to register her birth down on Lombard street and it struck me the most important aspect was the attribution of a PPS number to my daughters name. The main focus is around waiting periods, the very thing which your private insurance will circumvent. Private health insurance means private hospitals which means wealthier people get better care and poorer people wait in line until the wealthier people get seen to first. A nation of self serving individualists who think they are not complicit in the causes and consequences of a deeply unequal society.
I continue to pay for private health insurance while sacrificing socialising in the pub and eating out for lunch etc. You’re wrong in seeing medical treatment as a commodity like fashionable clothes or alcohol or eating out. And while it’s nice for you that you have so much disposable income that you can choose to spend it on insuring your health, this may not always be so.
No, health is something that should be a mutual expense covered by the whole country, like paying for the roads or the libraries or the schools or the public service. Londregan was the sole broker in the completion of the 8,400 square foot prototype Blockbuster Video Store on the Town Hill Section of New London, Connecticut. Londregan is working on several new Connecticut locations for this Boating supply retailer.
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If you are a doctor and want your picture to show up on this list, simply make a free profile and upload a photo. There are now almost half a million (that’s ten per cent of our entire population!) waiting for various forms of treatment or assessment in our public hospital system.
We can see that the numbers of children waiting over six months on day case lists has increased by three quarters (75%) from 1675 to 2944. This means that access to health care in Ireland is strongly influenced by private individuals’ and families’ ability to pay for it privately. So those who can afford it are clearly buying a greater access to healthcare than lower income households in Ireland through the private hospitals and clinics (who highlight this point in their advertising).

And in response to questions about health, housing crisis, non-economic matters, Fine Gael brush off by saying it’s a top priority and theyre working on it, while having no intention of doing so. They’re hard at work running the system down so that privatisation looks like the better option.
Private health care is not a constitutional right, or a universal democratic right that something like a right to vote could be considered to be. Without the right to vote freely and create a democracy, what point are any of the other rights? We spent almost 2 weeks in that filthy hospital (child picked up 2 hospital related infections while there). But it wouldn’t suit the narrative that the HSE is underfunded when it fact it is overfunded but inefficient. So by allowing waiting periods to increase and make headlines, people are more inclined to buy health insurance to avoid the prospect of a delayed diagnosis for a serious illness which could be treated or cured if caught early. And Ireland engages in social apartheid on so many level, in health, education, housing, media coverage, community facilities, justice, politics, business. Tens of thousands of people in Ireland paid health insurance for 40 years or more, and then when their work went from under them were no longer able to pay. Sullivan, in the lease of the 31,000 square foot former Hyundai Automotive Showroom and Service Center in New London, Connecticut.
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We can see that for hospitals like Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin the numbers of children waiting for day cases increased by 43%. It’s a well known tactic around the world and every single economist and investment banker knows this. Throwing around inflammatory terms for serious issues is not a responsible way of using the Broadsheet (or Seanad) soapbox. It’s because when symptoms of something present, you will wait much longer to be seen that someone with insurance. The Me Feiners who take take take and never pay their tax, leave their suppliers unpaid for months on end, or the lazy slobs who never do a day’s work in their lives and claim compo for the slightest upset.
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