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In order to understand why we sometimes experience pain in our ears, it helps to know how this incredible organ works.
The ear has three main anatomical divisions: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The inner ear, also known as the cochlea, is shaped a bit like a snail, and is filled with fluid. Not difficult to understand how this delicate structure might sometimes be subject to pain.
Otitis externa, which you may also know as ‘swimmer’s ear’, is a skin infection of the outer ear canal. Myringitis is another kind of ear infection which can cause painful blisters on the ear drum.
Our ears can also be damaged by a foreign body like a cotton swab, an insect or other small object. Barotrauma is the description of severe pain or damage that might happen because of a rapid change of pressure (in an airplane, while scuba diving, etc.), or because of an explosion. Your doctor might first ask you a few questions about when the pain started, and where exactly it hurts, which you might be able to explain better by touching your ear where it hurts. Otitis media (an infection of the middle ear): Fluid fills the middle ear, and air and fluid bubbles might be seen behind the eardrum. If you have otitis externa (an infection of the outer ear), your doctor will notice that your ear canal is swollen and inflamed.
If you have bullous myringitis (a form of acute otitis media), your ear tissue will look inflamed and there will be fluid blisters noticeable during an ear exam. For an explanation of some of the terms your doctor might use when discussing ear pain with you, see below. It is not uncommon for people to experience symptoms of wax impaction and develop ‘swimmers ear’ after swimming. If there is a blockage of wax in the external auditory canal, water can enter the ear canal and get trapped behind the blockage. Swimmers ear (also called acute otitis externa) is a painful condition resulting from inflammation, irritation, or infection with subsequent spread of bacteria or fungal organisms (source).
Malignant otitis externa is the spread of infection to the bones of the ear canal and lower part of the skull.
Medical product used here is for illustration only and does not imply endorsement of any ear drop solution. The outward movement of the ear wax also prevent dust, dirt and other substances from entering the ear canal to a certain extent. A gene known as ATP-binding casette CII is important in controlling the type of ear wax produced. The wax usually makes its way to the opening of the ear, where it falls out or is removed by washing. Earwax is not formed in the deep part of the ear canal near the eardrum, but in the outer one-third of the ear canal. The ear canal is shaped somewhat like an hourglass-narrowing part way down, making impacted ear wax in the deeper EAC difficult to remove. An ear can also get plugged up with earwax when fingers or objects are used to clean the ear canal. Some people have ear wax problems due to faulty self-cleansing mechanism or excessive wax production. Cotton buds usage: The use of cotton buds may actually push wax deeper into the ear, thus producing a blockage. Skin disorders: Certain conditions of the skin or scalp may contribute to excess ear wax production. Do not have your ear wax syringed if you know you have or unsure about eardrum perforation. Some swimmers put baby oil or olive oil into the ear on a regular basis prior to their daily swim.
The outer ear looks like a cup and gives directions to the tympanic membrane to receive sounds, which in turn acts as a transmitter of vibrations to the inner ear via a group of tiny bones located in the middle ear.

The most common factor contributing to permanent hearing loss is that of exposing your self to loud sounds repeatedly while on work.
Truly speaking wax is a protective content of the inner ear in attracting the particles without making them to land in the ear.
Mostly children are prone to get ear pain which may be caused in the ear it self or some times because of diseases. In this kind, ear ache occurs inside the ear due to wax or ear piercing with hands or cotton buds very often.
This type of ear pain is caused from out side the ear like receiving high sounds, cool waves, moist in the ears and so on. Usage of cotton buds can cause much quantity of wax to be accumulated because with their usage wax will be pushed in to the ear and some times much deeper causing its blockage.
It is always safe to use ear plugs or ear muffs to escape from the dangers of hearing loss when exposed to high intensity sounds. Besides these two reasons, ear congestion can also take place due to excessive build up of ear wax. If your ear congestion is being caused by fluid accumulation in your middle ear or due to sinus congestion caused by colds and seasonal allergies, check out these home remedies. Travelling in an airplane or driving at high altitudes can cause ear congestion in your inner ear, also called “airplane ear”. Three small bones – the malleus, incus and stapes make up the ossicles – which transmit vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear. Primary otalgia can be caused by viral or bacterial infections, or by a blockage of wax in your ears, (but you should never try to remove this wax yourself). It can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection, and is often seen just after – or at the same time as – an upper respiratory tract infection. Well, if you have a look at how the ear works, you’ll see that it is a delicately made organ with lots of small moving parts!
If it is really swollen and painful, the doctor may not be able to insert the otoscope into your ear, which is a sure sign that you have otitis externa. This describes a condition in which these micro-organisms keep multiplying even if they’ve been treated with antibiotics, and usually means the bacteria has built up immunity to the medication. These organisms are responsible for approximately 70% of otitis media cases, and include Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis. When water is trapped in the ear canal, bacteria that normally inhabits the skin and ear canal multiply, causing infection of the ear canal and is often referred to as ‘swimmers ear’. This information is not intended to be used for diagnosis, or treatment of any specific individual.
Of course, it is high time that every body should know about the type of noises that can damage your ears. The two vital path ways through which sound waves can produce hearing sensation are air conduction and bone conduction. A continuous exposure to noises above 85 decibels may cause hearing loss gradually and being exposed to sounds of 100 decibels for more than 15 minutes is not good for your ears. It is estimated that in the United States of America, more than 30 million people are being exposed to hazardous sounds each day. Even sounds spanning for short time with a lot of intensity like those of explosives, theatre recordings etc can result in permanent and immediate hearing damage. The small hairs present inside your ear move the wax continuously to make skin sloughed out of the canal. Generally wax in small quantity accumulated falls down from the ear canal after it becomes dry. Hence, it is never advisable to use hair pins, cotton buds or any other objects to clean your ears as they can damage your ear drum or ear canal. Else, protecting your ears would be rather out of question.Health experts warn that loud noises which can be controlled by you like high sound music on your mobile phone or I pods or any other music player, can damage the tiny cells in your ear.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Failure to remove ear wax regularly causes accumulation of wax in your ear.This ear wax can get pushed deeper into your ear canal if you use q-tips and rolled up fabric, causing ear congestion.

Secondary otalgia might be caused by a dental problem like a cavity, an abscess or an impacted molar.
The usual cause is moisture that gets trapped in the ear canal and creates favourable conditions for bacterial growth, which can happen after swimming, or even after a bath or shower.
It can be any type of pain in any part of the inner, middle or outer ear, and it affects both adults and children. A build-up of fluid behind the eardrum (in our middle ear) happens if the Eustachian tube gets blocked, trapping the fluid. Whatever the cause, ear pain relief is a priority when faced with an earache and can be easily managed with the use of Auralgan®.
Then the doctor will look inside your ear, using a tool called an otoscope, which in most cases gives a good view of your ear canal and ear drum. Don't jack up the volume on your radio or television, especially if you're using headphones or earbuds.
Si vous sentez une douleur a l’oreille et que vous souhaitez la soulager… essayez Auralgan®.
Never forget to put ear plugs whenever your ears are exposed to intense sounds, is the cautious message for protecting your ears irrespective of your age, profession and gender.
When sound waves hit the ear drum after passing through the air from external auditory canal, we call it as air conduction. These fibers send reactions to the vibrating noises and also do the job of transmitting impulses to the brain.The  inner ear and outer ear are combined together to receive the direction and length of the sound waves.
When the canal becomes muddy, the ear drum will be blocked thus reducing your hearing and finally it may end up with permanent damage to you ear. Another purpose of ear wax is that of covering the ear’s canal skin and also as a water repellant. Whatever may be the reason, identifying the causes of ear pain is quite important to receive proper medication. If your ears are done with damage, fixing them back is a slipped opportunity from your hands.There fore, you must start to take care of your ears from the early age because the sound effects show much impact on your ears in your life time. Your ears may also feel congested on account of air pressure changes  inside your inner ear that normally occurs at high altitudes.
These impulses reach the auditory nerve and travel to the brain, where the brain interprets them as sound. It generally causes pain and the eardrum may look red or cloudy when the doctor examines it.
Quite often, and especially in young children, who are the most likely to get a middle ear infection, this blockage is caused by a cold or an allergy. Acute otitis media is a bacterial or viral infection of the middle ear, which is located behind the eardrum. On the other hand, when bones in the skull are vibrated due to certain sound waves, such conduction is known to be bone conduction.
Without ear wax, an individual is prone get irritation in the ear and also infections some times.
Infection may occur to any part like outer ear or middle ear or inner ear.Otalgia may always not generate from ear disease.
Many other symptoms like sinus, inflamed tonsils, throat or nose infection and aching teeth can also cause otalgia. So inhaling steam will help loosen the mucus in your sinuses as well as ears and ease congestion.Alternatively, you can place a warm compress or a hot water bag over the affected ear to alleviate congestion. If you have swimmer’s ear and experience strange symptoms, such as dizziness or muscular weakness in your face, seek immediate medical help (source). Taking hot showers or having a sauna bath are other recommended hot water treatment methods.

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