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Antihistamines w Examples (Diphenhydramine) - Benadryl, Tylenol PM (Doxylamine Succinate) - Unisom (Clemastine) - Tavist (Promethazine HCl) - Phenergan Claritin Allegra Zyrtec ** many antihistamines also contain a decongest. Cough Expectorant w Recommended for productive coughs w Facilitate production and ejection of mucus w Decrease viscosity w Examples Guaifenesin w Explain the logic of combining an expectorant with a suppressant????? Pharmacological treatment of acute & chronic Rhinitis + Cough 1 By: Dr Alia AlShanawani Dr. Seasonal Allergies: Antihistamines & the Future Jacquelyn Covarrubias CHEM 5389 April 24, 2007. Allergy Medications Oral Antihistamines: These medications are used to block the action of the histamine on the tissues. ALLERGIC RHNITIS - PREVALENCE n Affects 20-40 million Americans n ? 10% - 30% of adults n ? Up to 40% of children n ? More common young boys n but little. A diaper rash is simply a burn caused by the acid that is present in both urine and bowel movements. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly before putting on a new diaper to help prevent a diaper rash. Before putting on a clean diaper, dust their little bottom with some baby powder to soothe the pain.

Add a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal to their bathwater, it will help to soothe the pain and prevent future rashes. Apply some breast milk to their bottom and let it air dry before putting on a clean diaper.
Southern ENT provides comprehensive service covering all aspects of ear, nose and throat and head and neck surgery for adults and children. The AimOur aim in Rhinoplasty surgery is to achieve an overall improvement in facial harmony, emphasizing positive characteristics of the face and restoring balance.
Cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract which primary affects the nose and throat.
Decongestants w Indications runny nose stuffy head sore throat some ear pain w Action - binds to alpha-1 receptors on blood vessels. Endogenous chemical stored in mast cells involved in normal regulation of physiologic functions w What is an allergen? 2 Ventilation ? Refers to the movement of air in and out of the lungs through a series of air passages. He then undertook surgical training in the Victorian Training Scheme of General Surgery then Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck surgery.He gained fellowship in Ear, Nose and Throat surgery in 2000.

Little ones with sensitive skin or have eaten something with a lot of acid are more prone to getting a diaper rash. We have included examples of pre and post-operative rhinoplasty photos, and post operative information for patients and relatives.Mr. He completed consecutive fellowships in head and neck surgery at St George’s Hospital, London and Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham.
He also studied in facial plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty and Rhinology whilst overseas.His practice includes all adult and pediatric ENT and Head and Neck surgery. Glen has a special interest in functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, snoring and sleep apnoea treatments and salivary gland disorders.His main rooms are in the Specialist Centre, Clayton.

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