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Two years of design and testing combined with over three decades of manufacturing experience were required to bring you the Nextera®.
KidSafe Hearing Protector specially designed thick headband and pad for children and adults with smaller heads.
Introducing the Blackhawk, TASCO's new high-performance, high quality three-position earmuff. All TASCO Cap-Mount style earmuffs feature the exclusive TENSION ADJUSTMENT that allows the user to increase or decrease the band force of the earmuff. With the same features as our high end Golden Eagle, the Sound Star is lighter and has a lower profile. The Sound Shield is the highest rated cap-mounted earmuff on the market with a certified 28 NRR.
Polycarbonate shields have superior impact resistance and are offered in various sizes and thicknesses.
The Metal Mesh visor is epoxy coated steel that provides ideal protection when working with a chainsaw. The Fiberglass mesh visor provides ideal protection when working with a chainsaw and dielectric applications when used in conjunction with earmuffs, visor carrier and head protection made of plastic components. All TASCO products are made in the USA and are tested in an independent NVLAP certified facility. BurnFree Burn Care Kits come in various sizes to meet the requirements of industry, food service, emergency services and personal use. BurnFree Blankets provide immediate physical protection as well as smoke and heat shielding protection from fire. The following information will provide a summary of key points to the new CSA Industrial Head protection standard. We now have the option of using a CSA Type 1 or CSA Type 2 head protection - we have a choice! In this standard both levels of protection, Type 1 or 2, require that the headwear be conditioned in a variety of manners prior to impact or penetration testing.
CSA TYPE 1: Head protection that is certified to CSA Type 1 requirements is designed to provide protection to the crown of the head (top) only against impact and penetration hazards.
CSA TYPE 2: Head protection that is certified to the CSA Type 2 requirements is designed to provide protection to both the crown of the head (top) and lateral parts of the head from impact and penetration hazards.
Both the static line requirement and passive retention test are not conducted in the ANSI testing method. The "Class" designation in the standard identifies the various levels of conductivity and dielectric protection provided by the head protector.
Hat material must be non-conductive and is tested to provide dielectric protection up to 20,000 V. Hat material must be non-conductive and is tested to provide dielectric protection up to 2,200 V.
This picture illustrates the proper positioning of the suspension when certified to the Reverse Headband requirements. This marking confirms the headwear has been certified to the Reverse Headband requirements.
The unique swivel feature allows the ratchet to fit low on the nape and adjust for a perfect fit. The "Secure-Fit" ratchet features an easy turn knob that allows adjusting for a perfect fit without removing the helmet. The no-slip hold maintains the desired fit even in the most physically active jobs or extreme weather conditions. Featuring a sleek, ribbed and well balanced, low profile design that provides incredible stability. Softer band material conforms to wearer's head for more comfortable fit and allows for easier size adjustment. Softer band material conforms to wearer's head for a more comfortable fit and allows for easier size adjustment.

Soft Band material conforms to wearer's head for a comfortable fit and allows for easier size adjustment. Ideal for protecting head from lacerations, minor bumps and bruises in areas that do not require certified safety helmets.
Designed for use in industries such as automotive, pest control, meat packing, food processing and assembly facilities. Caution: Bump caps are not designed to protect against impact from falling or glancing objects.
Protects against lacerations, minor bumps and bruises in areas that do not require certified safety helmets. Caution Bump caps are not designed to protect against impact from falling or glancing objects. Baseball caps are: 100% cotton twill, mid profile, structured, 6-panel construction , Velcro closure, tonal stitched eyelets and Fashion curved bill. The Golden Eagle combines an ultra-soft head pad, Soft-Seal™ ear cushions, very low headband force and two point suspension stainless steel headbands to produce a comfort level that you would not believe possible in a muff this effective.
The Sound Star delivers exceptional performance and comfort using the same premium headband and cushions as the Golden Eagle.
Its ultra light and low profile design give the Sound Star an edge over conventional earmuffs. Even, four point pressure distribution combined with Soft-Seal™ ear cushions provide all-day comfort and very little squeeze. The Silhouette uses all premium components and materials to achieve the ultimate in lightweight comfort and wearability. This lightweight and comfortable earmuff features our patented Soft-Seal™ ear cushions and new foam head pad. Super comfort, quality and incredible price make the Zephyr the ultimate "economy" earmuff. Tapered ear cups and neckband design makes the Slimline the perfect product for use with most welding helmets, hard hats and bump caps. Fits all major slotted hard hats and features our exclusive TENSION ADJUSTMENT that allows you to increase or decrease the band force providing improved sealing properties regardless of the hard hat size. With an extra low profile and Soft-Seal™ cushions, it's easy to see why everyone is wearing them. These shields are excellent general use solutions and offer much better splash protection than polycarbonate. Unlike most polyester gauze products, BurnFree utilizes a unique open-cell foam delivery system that allows gel to completely permeate the dressing. Unlike traditional products, BurnFree's gel does not have lidocaine which makes it suitable for use on small children and avoids potential allergic reactions.
Simply remove them from their package, shake for approximately 30 seconds and feel the heat. Pockets, gloves, hats, winter liners for hard hats and almost any clothing accessory.3 year shelf life. Simply open the package, peel off backing, the adhesive will keep the toe warmer in place in the shoe or boot on the outside of socks under the toes.3 year shelf life. Should you require specific detail, please contact CSA International to purchase a copy of the standard. Any end-user with applications that require head protection or are considering the use of head protection should refer to this standard. The assessment must be documented and completed by a qualified person to determine the type(s) of hazards that exist in their application(s) in order to select the best possible head protection for their environment(s). Once the users completes the Hazard Assessment they may identify that their application does not require lateral impact and penetration protection and require protection to the crown of the head only. They include such conditioning as room temperature, cold, hot, solvent coated, UV aged, water emersion and shell flammability.
Lateral impact and penetration testing requires that the headwear be tested at a minimum of 5 contact points.

This test is designed to ensure that when an upward force of 12N (Newton) is placed on the peak of the headwear for a period of time, the headwear should remain in position. This unique product allows you to place a standard six panel baseball cap over the bump cap shell. Made entirely in the USA with premium components, stainless steel wire bands and our Soft-Seal™ cushions. The Silhouette folds into an ultra compact shape and is so comfortable, you'll forget it's on. The Sound Shield comes standard with a crown strap, our special wrap-around head pad and Soft-Seal™ ear cushions. Headband may be rotated in three positions; over the head, behind the head and under the chin. The Golden Eagle uses our Soft-Seal™ ear cushions for superior comfort and performance. It gets more gel to the wound and allows for better heat absorption and cooling of the burn.*All BurnFree Dressings are sterile.
BurnFree Blankets can be used as a body wrap to extinguish fires and to cool and moisten burns. This will allow the Canadian market to use a CSA approved product to replace the use of a head protector that meets ANSI head protection testing. This test is intended to evaluate the stability of the headwear on a wearer's head during normal use when not fitted or secured with a chinstrap retention system.
The Reverse Headband test confirms that when you remove and reverse the orientation of the suspension and insert it into the hat so the nape of the suspension is positioned with the peak of the hat, the headwear is certified to provide the same impact and penetration protection as in the normal wearing position, peak of headwear to the front. Ideal for applications where CSA certified head protection is not required and you are protecting against bumps and scrapes. Simply an amazing product for an amazing price and its the only 29 NRR three position earmuff made in the USA. If you do not wish to conduct a Hazard Assessment, the standard calls for the user to default to the highest level of protection in the standard, a CSA Type 2 Class E certified protective headwear.
It is important to understand that the headwear is tested in all these conditions for each colour and suspension style.
It is important to note that products that are tested to ANSI standards are not third party certified.
CSA Type 2 certification replaces the CSA Class E designation from the previous CSA standard. The static line is slightly above the ears and runs on an angle to a position that is near the centre of the forehead.
Workers will want to wear the Create A Cap protection as it looks like a standard baseball cap! It is important to understand that it cannot be assumed headwear tested to the ANSI Type I testing requirement will pass CSA Z94.1-05 testing.
Products that were certified to the old standard will not automatically pass the new standard. When the headwear is positioned on the head-form, the headwear must sit at this static line. Manufacturers are required to submit their product for re-certification to the new standard.
Traditionally, CSA Type 2 protective headwear has some type of liner inserted into the shell to assist the product in meeting the lateral impact and penetration requirements. If the headwear does not sit in the proper position, it has failed and cannot move to the next testing requirement.

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