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Here at Shiva Piercing studio, we offer a wide range of piercings including stretching and dermal anchoring. Our property holds a Special Treatments Licence approved by Greenwich Council for body piercing and tattoos. All our piercers have all been trained whilst at Shiva by Paul so you can expect only the best! Healing time - minimum 3 months.It is crucial that skin paint as well as the anti-bacterial cleansing solution is used.
The swelling will reduce after about 2 weeks so pop back for a fitting of a shorter bar if needed.
It is crucial that a full aftercare pack is purchased to ensure that the piercing heals effeciently.
We offer a stretching service that is performed by our piercers professionally and efficiently.

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Tattoos and Piercings This forum is to ask questions and discuss tattoos, piercings and other aesthetic body modifications. If you want piercings done a certain way, I suggest taking the picture to a piercing studio, and asking a professional. Well I was just wondering, because I didn't want it to hurt or something if I slept with it in and I play softball so I'd have to be able to take it out. Jewellery is not included in the service, so why not purchase your desired size plug or flesh tunnel from our ever expanding range in store? This is a small implantation of jewellery underneath the surface of the skin, a completely different method from the usual piercing but currently a popular and attractive choice.

I have a helix piercing myself (its not a forward one but the pain will be pretty similar) and it barely hurt at all. The jewellery used is titanium in compliance with the EU Nickel directive and is entirely sterile before use. Don't let the pain stop you from getting it done though, piercings only hurt for a little bit.

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