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Piercing age difference is especially painful, because of the large number of blood vessels that pass in the puncture, the manipulation is accompanied by fairly heavy bleeding.
It may sound strange, but the piercing – this is one of the most popular trends in contemporary art. It has long been included in the body piercing jewelry, especially earrings for body piercing. Conservatives, who believe that the piercing – this fashionable, youth, rebellious phenomenon, greatly mistaken, because humanity is pierced different parts of the body and decorated it with various accessories from ancient times. To understand the psychology of the installation piercings on his body should be remembered that piercing – is primarily an ornament. Ear piercing is common, traditional and widespread tradition that almost is not even considered as piercing. During pregnancy, it is important to use appropriate navel jewelry otherwise you may experience problems with your navel ring while pregnant – especially in that final trimester.
As you grow and stretch, your navel will expand to a point where your belly ring may become uncomfortable. The scientific name of this modern Eighth wonder of the world PTFE (Teflon, fluoroplastic-4) (-C2F4-) n – polymer of tetrafluoroethylene. The wealthy citizens of ancient civilizations with the luxury of using sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones, and not always for the benefit of the teeth. Although fully modern it can not be named, even the ancient Egyptians had a navel piercing belonging to a noble family, and in India nose piercing women symbolize her marriage. Other types of piercing have long been the exotic elements of the cultures of distant countries. Different tribes have different pierced their bodies and decorated them with distinct bones and sticks. That is motivation installation earrings – a desire to decorate your body to produce a particular impression.

Ear pierced in several places – and a fan from a variety of body piercing jewelry on the ears begin to please fans of piercing eyes. No one is not surprised by a bunch of metal inserted through the punctured skin and now it is not just an ordinary, even a surgical metal. Excessive stretching can cause purple stretch marks around your piercing, leaving the area less attractive after everything shrinks back down.
PTFE was discovered in April 1938, 27-year-old scientist-chemist Roy Plunkett, who accidentally discovered that pumped them into cylinders under pressure gaseous tetrafluoroethylene spontaneously cured in parafinopodobny white powder.
First of all, in its flexibility, which he keeps in a record low (up to -70 degrees) and a record high (up to 270 degrees) temperatures. It is better to trust the experienced technician, who will make the piercing quality and without excessive bleeding. Already at the dawn of human history, people decorated the body punctures in which to insert various objects to ward off evil spirits, to emphasize masculinity, denote their rank and rank. However, unusual piercings, jewelry for him sometimes became fashionable among the royal courts and aristocracy in general (think of Prince Albert).
The fact that one nation could be considered a symbol of the highest nobility or honor the soldiers, another tribe could be a sign of shame.
Traditionally, the piercing of ears satisfied for carrying conventional or precious earrings – in the form of rings, broaches, studs, etc. Gold, silver and platinum body piercing jewelry for the body and face have become an integral part of jewelry wardrobe for many people. Belly ring jewelry for mums to be has since expanded and includes many stylish and comfortable options for maintaining your belly piercing during pregnancy. And, of course, curious female mind and fantasy have figured out how to use the achievements of modern technologies for the benefit of its beauty. PTFE has a low adhesion and is not wetted by either water or fat, or a majority of organic solvents.

It favorably differs from some other types of body piercing that immediately visible to the other party by virtue of the fact that people prefer to talk, looking at each other’s eyes. By the end of the 20 th century began piercing in all senses of the word ubiquitous, most young people want to buy piercing jewelry. With this motive the desire to stand out can lead to a gradual increase in the number of ornaments.
Barbells, captives and designer belly rings are all too short and can rip as your belly piercing as that tummy expands.
Before you join the ranks of dental jewelry they receive special cutting and polishing, so the teeth hardly felt. At the same time striving to make themselves known among young people so strengthened, resulting in a non-standard fashion for body piercing. Differences among those with no punctures, people are already wanting to stand out among those of earrings. Thus, there are record holders in their respective regions, in certain social groups, in their get-togethers, etc. Thus, the Sex Pistols brought into fashion not only pierced with pins pants, jackets, shoes, and eyebrows, ears, nostrils. Yes, it was not like modern piercing fashion: gold jewelry, glamorous parts and even diamonds.
Today, many prefer to buy jewelry for piercing of gold, but a simple pin in the ear, eyebrow, or do not meet even the classic punks. And earrings for body piercing – generally a separate glamorous line of contemporary fashion, each season leading jewelry houses added to the body piercing jewelry.

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