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Island City Tattoos, a body piercing and tattoo shop, promises a great piercing experience in a sterile environment. Tattoo Charlie’s Place is the oldest tattoo parlor in Baltimore and the second oldest tattoo parlor in the United States. According to the owner at Iicon Piercing Co., this shop is the only Sacramento piercing studio that does nothing but body piercings. It is likely that any research into piercing studios will lead you to the Queen of Arts Tattoo & Piercing Studio. Established in 2002, Ancient Ink Tattoos and Piercings has a loyal following of tattoo and piercing enthusiasts.
The Exotic Body opened in March of 1990 and the only services offered were body piercings and modifications until it added tattooing in 1999. As fashion embraces the dazzling jewelry and polished studs of body candy, selecting the right place for the memorable experience of body piercing may only increase your satisfaction.
With a special commendation by the Director of Public Health for the County of Santa Clara for being instrumental in establishing regulations in the area, Body Exotic has been a model shop in the industry by focusing the business on piercing.
Known for being baby and kid friendly, Paisley Haus aims to comfort children by providing a family-oriented atmosphere of joy and cleanliness within its purple and silver mystical motif.
Licensed nurse Melissa Clayton and her partner Marty Maaske developed this business in 2002, providing the Morgan Hill area with a clean, safe and mellow studio environment for body piercing and custom tattoos. At Body Jewlz, customers will find that all initial piercing jewelry is 316LVN stainless steel and titanium. Get the latest weather conditions to your favorite Northern California and Lake Tahoe ski resorts with the CBS SF Ski & Snow Report. Adornment Deluxe specializes solely in piercing, leaving tattooing to its host storefront, XS Tattoo. Clients consistently praise Elite Ink Tatto for its friendly staff, clean studio and quality work. Cleanliness, attention to detail and a professional staff make Liquid Chaos a favorite among many Metro Detroit body art enthusiasts. One of the few piercing-only establishments in the area, Pangea is dedicated to ensuring a quality experience for every client. Royal Oak Tattoo is committed to hygienic piercings, using both a germicidal bath and an autoclave to sterilize tools. CBS Detroit BlogsBig Brother Season 17 Finale Recap: Super Fan & Trombonist Wins Big Brother!
Outer Limits is potentially the most popular piercing shop in Orange County, with renowned piercers and tattoo artists who do masterful work.
The fine folks at Fine Tattoo Work have a higher standard than most when it comes to piercings and tattoos. While more salons used to offer ear piercing services, Salon 51 is one of the few in this area that still does so. From simple ear piercing to complicated and exotic piercings, Alter Ego Body Art Studio will help you to express yourself. Whether you are looking to get your ears pierced or something a little more edgy, Hot Rod Body Piercing Company in Pittsburgh’s South Side has you covered.
If you are going for your first ear lobe piercing or you want to get a cartridge piercing, South Side Tattoo and Body Piercing is the place to go. When (or even IF) to pierce your child’s ear is an extremely important decision – it’s not for everyone!
Also located in the Crossroads Mall, Icing offers piercing with the purchase of a starter kit. Waiting six to eight weeks to change your earrings after having them pierced can be more painful than the piercings themselves! B’s Tattoos & Body Piercings not only offers some of the best piercings around, it also sells jewelry. Baltimore Tattoo Museum is located in the Fells Point area, right near your favorite local restaurants, including Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion, Teavolve Cafe and Lounge, and Waterfront Kitchen. Once a person decides to get their ears, or any body part pierced, the next question is where to go. Amber Barajas opened the shop on January 8, 2011, and so far it already has a large fan base that raves about both tattoos and piercing. The owner and lead piercer, Irish Cash, has been piercing bodies for over 13 years and has an extremely loyal customer base  Irish bought the shop in 1996 and makes sure the place is clean, well equipped and has skilled people working. According to Daniel Rodriguez, manager at Body Exotic, this shop takes priority in working with the clientele, consulting with each individual regarding expectations on each piercing and advising on location and jewelry style. The small location prioritizes on showing parents the piercing process including the importance on the studio’s cleanliness procedure. This location satisfies requests for conservative, gateway and mainstream piercing such as the navel, ears and tongue. This is a place where customers are asked not to handle their piercing to avoid spreading bacteria, to bring worn jewelry in a baggie and to please turn cell phones off. Most shops will not pierce infants; some pediatricians will perform the service for patients. Appointments are highly recommended, since Adornment is currently only in the studio on select days. Piercing equipment is sterilized in an autoclave prior to each use and procedure tables and chairs are sterilized after each client. The piercers get high praise for their efficient work, which minimizes the pain of the procedure. Piercers must undergo extensive training and a two-year apprenticeship under an expert with at least a decade of experience.

The staff is experienced and knowledgeable, taking time to consult with the client prior to the procedure to be sure the timing, location and jewelry are the right choice. Knowing who the most skilled, safe and hygienic artists are can be a tough task but, thankfully, Orange County is stocked with quality piercing establishments. They also offer some valuable after-care provisions for their needlework and provide extremely professional installations, from the traditional to the industrial. In a small studio in Garden Grove, CM Hurt uses a select group of artists and piercers, most notably Cynthia, one of the most trusted piercers in Orange County.
Piercer Steven is committed to style and perfection, which makes for a stunning combination when it comes to his ear piercings.
After moving to Long Beach, Jesse continues his passion for writing and music by covering concerts, interviewing top artists, and giving a dose of wisdom in a crazy, mixed-up musical world. KDKA-TV is joining forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Pittsburgh to give you the best Pittsburgh has to offer. If you have waited until adulthood, the thought of needles or piercing guns could be enough to keep you from making the plunge.
It boasts a friendly and knowledgeable staff that understands piercing, whether they’re for veterans or first timers. She is a restaurant marketer and wine enthusiast and one of the hosts of the East Coast Wine Geeks Podcast. As with any important decision, ask friends about their experience and results, visit the location prior and have all of your questions answered to make sure you and your little one are comfortable with the process. They use the Inverness system and associates have been trained to work with all ages, including infant and children. The cost is $25 for the piercing, plus the cost of the earring selection – they have a large selection of options.
One tip – as soon as you get home, have your child make something to mark off the days — a paper chain works great, as does a calendar where she can cross off the days, one by one. I often recommend having bars or studs rather than rings as they are easier to look after and have less chance of infection and irritation.
These shops promise the most professional piercers, comfortable experiences and hygienic tools around.
Each customer is pierced with a different needle to ensure the most sterile piercings around.
It has been in Odenton for more than 30 years, providing piercings and tattoos to a slew of return customers. Baltimore Tattoo Museum promises the most professional, sterile piercings around with only the industry’s top professionals performing here every day. Like many of the shops in the Sacramento region, Iicon uses Facebook as its main webpage to post daily updates, photos and sale prices. As a testament to its great employees, customers return time and time again to get more body art done.
In addition to body art and modifications, the Exotic Body has a huge selection of body jewelry including some with Swarovski Crystals. Opened in 1991, Angel Llewellyn has developed a business that provides parents with an aftercare service option.
Pierced Out carries a wide array of jewelry made out of different materials such as wood, stone, bone and organics. This tattoo and piercing studio offers various kinds of piercing such as conch, snug, daith and scaffold piercing. The Michigan Body Art Act of 2009 requires that if a minor desires a tattoo, brand or body piercing, a parent or legal guardian must provide written consent signed in the presence of the shop or artist, and must bring a valid birth certificate or legal proof of guardianship. Even with the limited availability, fans of Adornment rave about the cleanliness and hygiene of the studio and the knowledge of the staff. Elite also gets high praise for its philanthropic activities; the shop has held fundraising events or drives for organizations such as Handbags for Hope and The Pink Fund. Even the most nervous clients are put at ease with the staff’s knowledge and explanation of the process.
Hygiene is a primary focus, equipment is run through an autoclave, piercers wear gloves and Pangea will sterilize any jewelry brought in by a client before inserting it. After-care instructions for fast and safe healing are explained to the client in detail and a written sheet is also sent home. From the bazaar to the bizarre, it’s not hard to find the right piercing professional for you with this easy list.
This is another mature audience venue, so scope out the clientele and art on the wall before bringing your kid down for work to be done. This is definitely a kid-friendly place, as Cynthia has been doing piercings, small and large, for years and provides an extremely sterile environment. The shop does a great job of being available for any scares involving your piercing once you leave their capable hands.
Rest assured, ear piercing is a pain that quickly subsides, and with the proper care, it will be done without incident.
If you have a previous piercing that is giving you trouble, staff here also offers advice or help to correct problems. Staff here will also help you design a custom piercing for a unique look and the perfect jewelry pieces to highlight it.
Although this may seem more intimidating than a piercing gun, many piercing advocates say it can be just as low-pain and in many cases more so as a piercing gun handled by an inexperienced piercer can cause tearing in the ear lobe. It provides a clean atmosphere for both piercing and tattoos with professional, friendly staff. There are several options in the Kalamazoo area to consider – such as retail stores and piercing parlors.

You can also check with your pediatrician or dermatologist to see if they pierce ears, or ask for recommendations. Children under 8 years old DO require an appointment – this will allow 2 piercers to be present to do the ears simultaneously.
It is a good idea to go to someone who is experienced and knows what he or she is doing. You want to find places that have a good reputation, have a clean well-lit environment and have piercing experts that can help you select the jewelry appropriate for your piercing. It makes sense that Irish would want customers to feel at home when getting a tattoo or piercing since they will have a much better experience overall. As a special treat, customers getting a tattoo or piercing on their birthday also receive a free t-shirt. Sometimes the right of passage or the opportunity to look more feminine takes trust in the right place at the right time. While the law does not include ears in the definition of body piercing, shops may require the same identification for any procedure.
The piercing is explained in detail both before and step-by-step during the procedure, which can help to calm nervous clients.
Liquid Chaos’ minimum age for piercing is 16 and minors must be accompanied by a parent. Minors are frequent clients and must bring a parent along with the appropriate legal documents. Some offer far more services than just ear piercing, so if the piercing bug sticks with you, be sure get to know the staff for when you need their services later on. For a clean and safe environment with tons of personality, Outer Limits will not disappoint. Few places pierce with as much precision and accuracy as Fine Tattoo Work, so trust them with any and all work.
She will help you take your mind off of the pain by teaching some breathing techniques, as well as the uber-important aftercare provisions required with every purchase. Add in an extremely clean workspace and a panache unlike any other shop in Orange County, and you have the makings of the most unique piercing parlor in the area. For very young children, many pediatricians will perform ear piercing and give you the proper products needed to care for the piercing until it is healed.
If you a looking to get a whole new look along with your newly pierced ears, this is the ideal place. A member of the Association of Professional Piercings, Kutters Edge promises excellent service and care instructions easy enough for anyone to follow.
Alter Ego handles piercings for all ages, but anyone younger than age 18 must have in-person parental consent. The piercing room at Hod Rod is clean and clinical looking, and is staffed with professional piercers who are experienced in a variety of piercing options. The store may be able to pierce both ears at the same time, but call ahead to confirm associate availability. If you have any questions, call the shop or fill out an online inquiry form to have all of your questions answered by a professional. You must be 18 years old with proper identification to get a piercing done here without a parent or guardian present. The shop is closed on Sunday and Wednesday, so make an appointment in advance to guarantee yourself a turn at this popular piercing pagoda. You also need to know that they will pierce the right location and give you advice on how to care for you new piercing. Iicon Piercing employees do take walk-in customers but it is recommend you make an appointment. You should be aware that there is a sign on the door restricting persons under 14 from entering the studio. Join us on-air or online for Pittsburgh’s up-to-the-minute news talk, weather and traffic reports.
At any location, it is best to go on a busy day to see how the piercer handles the people before you. Kids must be at least 15 years old to be pierced with a parent or guardian present, both providing proper identification.
If you are not an adult, the law in California since 1997 says you must be at least 18 years of age to get a body piercing. Also, this studio provides male and female piercers for those customers that have a preference. Price depends on the location on the ear and number of piercings, plus the cost of jewelry. The minimum ages for ear piercing at Adornment Deluxe are 12 for lobes, 15 for outer rim ear cartilage and 16 for all other ear cartilage piercings. If you are not satisfied after seeing this, it may be best to return on a different day to work with a different technician. Piercings can only be given to youth between 16-18 if their parent or guardian is present, or with a notarized written note. Sportsradio 93-7 The Fan is Pittsburgh’s broadcast home for Pirates Baseball as well as Pitt Football and Men’s Basketball.
If you don’t know where to start in finding the right fit, these area businesses boast the title of best places for piercings in Pittsburgh.

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