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Our beauty professionals are highly trained with Studex and offer treatments to HABIA standards. Avoid the hustle and bustle of town centre shops and tattoo salons and visit us on the outskirts of Bolton centre.
To book an appointment or for further information please call Nicola on 0870 330 3407 or simply complete the form below and we'll get right back to you.
Skin Tag Removal Removal of skin tags on underam or armpits, groin, under the breasts, on the neck or eyelids. Wart RemovalWe effectively treat Common Warts, Plane Warts, Seborrhoeic Keratosis Warts, Plantar Warts. Mississauga Tattoo Shop [Gwan Soon Lee Tattoo & Piercing] is Owned and Operated by Gwansoon Lee. Body piercings and modification is popular just about every where you turn on a global level. Olympia, WA is no different when it comes to the demand for popular body piercings, as hundreds (thousands) of other cities its size.
The ear lobe is one of the most common and standard piercings that there are for men, women and even chil dren.

Lip piercing started becoming popular as a means of body modification around the 90's though it has been around in some cultures[574] for centuries.
A nose piercing is probably the second most popular type of piercing available next to "ear piercings". Eyebrows are about as ( if not more) popular than a lot of the other options available out there through most piercing studios. With the location of these they obviously do not fit snuggly in the lip piercing or other categories.
Some of the most common concerns (but not limited to) with body piercings or modifications are allergic reactions or sensitivities (typically to the jewelry used), scarring and infections. To prevent infections for recent piercings be sure to always follow the after care instructions regularly and as recommended. Scarring sometimes can not be avoided no matter how good the piercing artist is or how well you follow care instructions. Due to the broad scope of tattoo work such as size, placement, and color we do not quote pricing for tattoos on our website. She is an accomplished Korean tattoo artist, expert piercer, and permanent make-up artist from Seoul Korea.

The popularity seems to be on the rise as years progress and there is no sign of a decline for those seeking this type of body modification. However, for teenagers and adults many other types of "ear" piercings are becoming more and more popular.
This has been a customary occurrence in many different cultures and started becoming popular for non-cultural reasons sometime in the 80's and 90's[571].
With new piercings most piercing professionals (artists) will recommend using a hypo-allergenic piece of jewelry to help minimize adverse reactions or issues related to metal sensitivity.
If you have questions before or after a piercing or if something does not feel or look right - do not be afraid to ask the piercing artist or seek advice of a licensed medical professional.
A piercing is (to your body) a lot like an injury or trauma and when those occur and there is a break in the skin - scarring is often natural. Please stop by and visit us to discuss your work and what your inspired by for more information on tattoo pricing or to set up an appointment.

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