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Dip a new Q-tip in Isopropyl alcohol  and apply between the earring and your ear in front and in back.
Best to remove and clean your earrings every month or so, but keep some earrings in all the time for at least a year, so they don't close up!!
After the original 6 weeks of wearing earings I was told I can wear hoops if they have a straight post! A week before you need to remove the earrings for sports, start doing the nightly alcohol earring-twisting routine again.
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Some people heal so fast in general, especially children, so that the holes can close up after even one day!
If the earrings are not comfortable to sleep in, push a thin piece of sewing thread thru the hole with an earring post & tie the knot. I changed the earrings from the posts to small sleeper hoops after the 3rd week as the first earrings were really digging into my ears. In three weeks, I have two cross country meets, and we're strictly forbidden from wearing any form of jewelery. And also would it be ok if I had to take out my earings for a couple hours few times a week about 8 weeks after the piercing.
However, men and women now wear earrings in both ears, and more rich and famous men are wearing diamond hoops!
The meets tend to last a couple hours, but the actual running usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Bring Neosporin creme to your race to help put the earring back in (put it on the earring tip). If I were to take out my earring right before the race, and then put it in directly afterwards (after washing my hands first and such), would that be okay? An ear piercing person with good aim could make a hole in the new spot, without waiting for the old hole to be completely closed.

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