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From various types of facial and head piercings, upper ear piercing is one of the most popular ones. There are many ways an upper ear part can be pierced; it can be right through the upper lobe, or the jewelry might pierce two points instead of just one.
This Post known as :double ear piercing styles - ear holes girls simple but pretty - ear picering styles boys - ear piercing on the upper part - ear piercings style - ear upper part piercings - piercings from the top to the bottom 9f the ear - types of ear piercings - upper ear piercing women -Posts related to Upper Ear Piercing Most Popular Types for WomenVariety of Lip Piercing Types  Getting Lip Piercing There are many different parts of the body on where you can apply piercing. This Post known as :pictures of upper ear piercings - pretty ear piercings for girls -Posts related to Cartilage Upper Ear PiercingSpiral Piercing EarSpiral piercing for ear will make you look nice and cool. This type of piercing is particularly popular among girls who want to have piercing types that are not too extreme but still showing some edges in their piercing options.

Alternatively, the piercing can be in shapes of rings and studs, and consist of either one single jewelry item or several pieces at once.
Some types are prone to infection hotfulllacewigs or long recuperation, and you must be careful if you want to wear earphones. Upper ear piercing also gives certain elegance even though the jewelry and style might be chosen from the trendy ones. Scaffold is an intriguing piercing type that runs a long jewelry through two holes, whether vertically or horizontally. People will pierce their ear in order to get the best look on their face though industrial will make it not too good.

Meanwhile, Helix piercing is probably the most popular ear piercing type right now, with the piercing is made on the upper ear before being continued to the lower part (rim).

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