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A nose piercing is one of the earliest and most popular types of piercing where nose studs and nose rings are worn through the septum or in the nostril throughout the world. In India, both unmarried and married women wear studs or rings with its significance varying from region to region. There are a different kinds of piercing like cartilage piercing, and of the many types of nose piercing available alone, nose studs and nose rings are the most popular. Choosing between a ring and a stud should actually be done while piercing as you generally needs higher piercings to accommodate a ring. Generally, rings are great and help with the healing after a piercing as there is sufficient space near the piercing for air circulation, which is important for quick healing.
Nose piercings are today accepted in most places; however there are still some employers that completely ban them and some employers who prefer their employees wear flesh colored nose rings or wear only certain size or smaller studs.
While selecting your nose piercing, it is important you keep the policies of your work place in mind. So the choice between nose studs and nose rings is basically based on your preferences, taste, budget and lifestyle.
Whether it is simple stud on the earlobe like Justin Bieber, or super trendy piercing by Fergie, there are many styles to copy from your favorite singers, movie starts and band members. Cool celebrity piercing makes good sample for style you want to adopt, but just like any other piercings, celebrity-inspired hotfulllacewigs piercings also have something important things to consider.

This Post known as :cool photo for celebrity - Justin bieber in ear pill image - justin bieber nose ring -Posts related to Cool Piercings Inspired by CelebritiesDouble Ear Piercing Inspiration from CelebritiesAmong various piercing trends on the ear, double ear piercing is very popular among celebrities, especially female celebrities. Nose piercing is not only fashionable, it is also culturally important in some countries like in India; brides wear beautiful gold rings that are connected to earrings using ornate chains while Amazon tribesmen wear bird feathers and bones through their nose piercing. However those interested in getting their nose pierced has to do it from a reputable piercer and not use piercing tools like ear piercing guns.
The rings are obviously held with a ring while the studs are maintained using a stud earring or nostril screw. In fact, many people are interested in wearing the smallest nose rings, the 20 gauge nose rings as they have a low pain tolerance threshold. Moreover, they offer little or no risk of damaging your nose if caught on something or pulled out and stretched. Moreover, an accidental yank or snag or just rubbing of the tight stud can lead to a scar tissue called keloid which can get so aggravated that you have to remove your piercing and perhaps get a second piercing done some time later. Then again, if you wish to first wear a stud, and want to change to a ring later on, make sure you first plan the right height and angle of your placement with your piercer. The wrong choice may end up with your having to make a painful decision that results in losing your piercing or job. Studs are a better choice for those with a low profile as there are more styles available for nose rings for you to flaunt with style.

Always the pioneer in current style, celebrities tend to be more creative and bolder in choosing piercing style, although some of them may stick to subtler yet more elegant looking piercing. It does not have to be something outrageous; even a simple piercing can look great for more sophisticated look.
Not all piercings of your Karen Millen favorite celebrities look good on you, so make sure you choose your piercing model wisely before deciding. According to Ayurveda, the piercing of the nose near a particular nostril node helps reduce the pain inflicted during monthly menstrual cycle. Consequently, the lower is the number of the gauge, the bigger the hole required for its piercing. On the contrary, the corkscrew nose rings and big nose rings with giant hanging hoops are risky in some lines of work, especially if you have close up work where the ring may get caught or pulled. This is why it is important you keep your lifestyle and work requirements in mind while getting your nose pierced as you have won’t be able to make any changes for a few weeks.

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