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Kylie Jenner wearing drop earrings in her first hole and seven captive bead rings in her other left ear piercings. Kylie Jenner had three studs in her cartilage and large stud earrings in her lobe piercings at an event on November 13, 2011. Because a portion of the jewelry will rest beneath the skin, surface bars are most often made of hypoallergenic solid titanium or surgical grade stainless steel, and are generally tipped with small balls, spikes, or flat discs. Many of the popular contemporary piercings are commonly worn as surface piercings including the nape piercing, clavicles, sternum, third eye, bracer (wrist piercing), anti-eyebrow piercing, and several others.
For more cool close-up videos of real piercings being performed, don’t forget to check us out on YouTube.  Happy piercing! So on this Thread the Needle Day, be sure to take a moment to appreciate both your piercing professional, and their stock of sterile hollow piercing needles.  Because the two of them together make your body mod dreams come true. Three piercings of the tongue, whether next to eachother, in a vertical line (a-la- Elayne Angel), or arranged in a pattern.
Piercings of the skin over the nose’s bridge (also called an Erl piercing), generally the most fleshy portion between the eyelids or eyebrows.

A vertical piercing of the lower lip, usually worn with a curved barbell or flexible bioplast bar.
Piercings at the front of the throat that can be worn with a curved barbell, BCR, surface bar, or as a dermal piercing.
Piercings directly over or at the top crest of the clavicle.  These are most often performed in pairs (one on each side), and are best performed as surface piercings and worn with surface bars. A piercing in the third eye chakra area between the eyebrows.  These are popular as dermal piercings, but can also be seen in surface piercing style. Our piercing professional, James from American Skin Art, first cleans the ear and marks three small dots where the piercings will go. For more up close videos of real piercings being performed, don’t forget to follow us on YouTube.
Both barbells and flat-back studs can be worn in most dimple piercings, but initial jewelry is often longer than average to accommodate any swelling that may occur.  Since the cheeks tend to swell quite easily, some piercers will purposely use barbells during the initial healing phase, as the ball is less apt to be healed over due to excess inflammation than a flat disc. Want to see dimple piercings being performed up close?  Then check out this short video, and follow us on YouTube for more.

For more about ear piercings and anatomy, check out our Ear Piercings category, and don’t forget to hit us up on YouTube to see real piercings being performed close up. Due to its location and the thickness of the cartilage, a rook piercing can take longer than average to fully heal.  Depending upon the aftercare regimen and the individual, initial healing can occur as early as twelve weeks, but may take up to six months, with full healing occurring around the one year mark.
Watch as the lovely Lulu gets a fun new septum piercing.  Look for the needle insertion at about 37 seconds. For more cool up-close piercing videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and remember, a safe piercing is a happy piercing! Becuase of the implications however, dimple piercings should always be considered carefully, just like any other permanent mod.

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