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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! The ear is a very complex organ comprising of three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.
The middle ear is an air-filled cavity that contains the smallest bones in the human body - the malleus, incus and stapes, which are connected to the eardrum and the inner ear.
In the inner ear, the cochlea processes sound, while information affecting balance is processed by the semicircular canals. Typical problems include excessive accumulation of earwax and infections of the auditory canal (e.g. Perforation of the eardrum, infection or fluid in the middle ear and otosclerosis (a calcification around the stapes limiting its ability to move) are the most common causes.
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Comments: Mild forms are limited to the superior ear, more severe forms affect the superior and posterior ear. The Eustachian tube keeps the air pressure in the middle ear equal to that of the surrounding environment.
Typical causes are the natural aging process, excessive exposure to noise, medication that is toxic to the auditory system and head injuries. When the ears pick up a sound, the brain calculates the angle from which the sound has arrived. Hearing loss resulting from a problem located in the outer or middle ear is called a conductive hearing loss. In cases where treatment is not effective, remaining hearing loss can usually be helped by using hearing instruments. This should be distinguished from an Overfolded helix where the external contour of the ear is normal.

However with only one ear functioning properly, origin of sound is impossible to determine.
This triggers a chemical response that transmits the message to the area of the brain in charge of processing and interpreting what we hear. A combination of a conductive and sensorineural hearing loss is known as a mixed hearing loss. In order to gain a better understanding of hearing loss, it is important to know how the ear functions.

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