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The ear plugs block out unwanted noise, to make you relax or sleep in comfort while you try to rest in an aircraft, train, bus or car.
I have tinnitus and and other ear problems, due to an yet undiagonosed problem, probably menieres.
I was going to just sell it but as i dont have a car license i thought why not try a huge screen, i couldnt give a crap how stupid it looks anymore. Has anyone used a massive screen, in theory is should help alot, but things are often counter intuitive. Sometimes,just sometimes,these larger screens direct the wind on to your visor and it actually increases the wind noise.
I appreciate it's a different style of bike but I fitted a tall screen to my GS and as mentioned above, it made the problem worse.
I have heard of similar problems with some double bubbles, instead of letting the aero design of the lid to its thing, it just shunts the air into your face unless you are always tucked in.
In theory it could work but it would depend how the wind passes it at different speeds, may be good at 50 but useless at 70. I do a lot of touring, and screens are one of the most commonly discussed items on the forums. The general trend these days is for screens which let a lot of air up behind them, either by being spaced away from the fairing or having large holes low down. Electric screens are brilliant, you can tweak the position as you ride to suit speed, wind direction etc.
Yep as i thought, it could be just a big waste of money ill keep looking on forums for ppl with real world experience of different screens i think, thought id start here.
With them In you can still hear your engine, sirens, hooters etc but pretty much no wind noise at all. I got mine from UltimateEar over 5 years ago cost about ?75 for the two pairs still work perfectly today.

Sure, it’s not fun to try and get dressed on a moving train inside of a claustrophobic bathroom with a pee stained floor. Also, on a safety note, getting to know who’s around you can help you judge how safe your belongings are if you decide to leave them in order to walk around. There is a food car on the train but as you can imagine, it’s way overpriced for what you get.
All in all, the trip seemed to go by faster than we anticipated (thank God) and we were kept occupied by card games and books when we weren’t sleeping. I think we are used to traveling in overnight trains and going by your photos, looks like we’ll have a good journey! I took an overnight train from Paris to Rome once and it was a *terrible* experience for so many reasons. I’ve taken this exact train far too many times, the last of which was with the pleasure of a complete carfull of drunk Polish men yelling and singing the whole way.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. These soft, ergonomically shaped ear plugs are the perfect travel companion for long flights, road trips, train trips or when you have to share a hotel room with your coworker who snores. As the others say, what works for one person doesn't suit another, it really is a matter of suck it and see if you can't get to try a bike fitted with the one you're considering.
Even with his flip front helmet which are known to be noisy he says he doesn't get the wind roaring. Or to sleep on the top bunk where the only thing keeping you from falling onto the floor is two vertically strapped seat belts. We ended up getting snacks before we boarded then split one meal from the dining car which ended up being the perfect amount. We road the trains while in India and while it was so confusing trying to get our tickets, it was a great experience the entire time!

We really want to do a Europe trip after we move back home and use the train as much as we can! We did an overnight train in China and did the cheaper trains since we were super poor and it was really really tight.
When riding my bike i became so anxious about it making my tinnitus worse (Even with good ear plugs) i didnt enjoy it anymore, so just stopped riding completely. A blunt screen will create a low pressure area behind it and it's the air curling round the edges which causes the roaring buffeting type turbulence. Not being in any sort of time crunch but wanting something more comfortable than a bus, we opted for the overnight train that would take us from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. We paid a few extra dollars for the air conditioned cabin and I can tell you with certainty that they used those dollars well.
I think if we do an overnight train again without an individual cabin, I’m going to get one of those pack protectors so I can sleep easier. Although ours weren’t the most comfortable things (I kept waking up in fear that I would roll off the top bunk) I’m glad we got to stretch out!
But the experience of an overnight train and the price tag of around $30 each trumped any discomfort in our mind. It not only makes the time go by faster but you also get to know so much more about so many different cultures. And while there are curtains blocking off your bed, the top bunk still gets a steady stream of light in, making it look like daytime.

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