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The Stilo Microphone & Plug For Open Face Helmets consists of a magnetic-dynamic noise cancelling microphone, microphone boom and a double connection plug to connect to ear plugs and intercom amplifier. Adaptor to connect earplugs with RCA male plug to Stilo helmets or microphone with Lemo connector.
The Stilo universal headset uses Stilo's renowned electronics, giving superb noise attenuating professional earphones with adjustable cups.
Stilo universal cables allowing a selection of various radios to connect to the Pit Crew headsets and in-car PTT wiring kit.

Verbacom is a very simple and lightweight communication system for circuit racing which is easy to use, with no need for radio licensing, but offering full communication even around the most difficult circuits.
These high quality natural earrings are a welcome change to the low cost, disposable earrings. The kit comes with a PTT button on a curly cord for the steering wheel, a helmet connection cable (nexus 4 way male plug) and a universal plug that allows to connect a lead for various brands of radio equipment. Flexible microphone holder fitted with noise cancelling microphone giving excellent clarity of voice with less back ground noise.

With our new site it makes it easier for us to display this data and we hope to have everything on the new system ASAP.

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