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There are a wide range of ear plugs that will help block out the sounds of your bed partners snoring. For the best comfortable ear plugs we generally recommend silicone ear plugs as they can be easily molded to the shape of the ear. Generally ear plugs used to help with sleeping need not have a high noise reduction ratio (NRR) unless the snoring level is very high. In some cases or where the need is more long term there are a custom range of ear plugs that maybe more suitable. This is especially important for those people that are heavy sleepers as there is a danger that background noise may also be block out, such as that of a smoke alarm.

When sleeping the main issue with wearing earplugs appear to be the comfort factor as most people find wearing earplugs for a length of time irritable. Before buying any product to help treat snoring to get the right product for your needs it is advisable to find which of these categories your snoring fits into. Although generally a lot more expensive they also last a lot longer and off course being tailored made offer the best comfort of any hearing device. As a good practice if you smoke try not to smoke a couple of hours before bedtime as smoke has the effect of inflaming the throat glands and thus in turn reducing the passage of air flow. This is due to the extra fat we put on as we age as well as the loosening of the tissue within our throat.

We always recommend consulting a qualified healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment.

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