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Learn the common causes behind your body's little quirks Whether uncomfortable, embarrassing or just plain weird, there are some pretty funky things that our bodies do. A P J AbdulKalam, Amartya Sen, Amithab Bachchan, Chiranjeevi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mother Teresa, Sachin Tendulkar and more6) See what happens if you fool around!!! Common causes for eye twitches include stress, lack of sleep, extended staring or eye strain. Before you get frantic, try reducing your stress level, cutting back on caffeine and catching up on sleep.
Doing either too quickly causes your stomach to swell; this irritates your diaphragm, which contracts and causes hiccups.
You may also get hiccups in emotional situations or if your body experiences a sudden temperature change.

In both of these cases, the hiccups are a result of a glitch in your nerve pathways, which is why a sudden scare-which might shake up and reset your nerves-can sometimes end an episode. If you have a cold, your body makes mucus to trap the virus, and sneezing helps force it (and the sickness) out of your body.
An over-the-counter allergy or cold medicine helps suppress your reaction to allergens or reduce mucus production, which should prevent sneezing fits. After a demanding workout or an extra-long run, sip a sports drink to keep your system running smoothly. However, the more common cause is damage to the microscopic ends of your hearing nerves, which often happens when you're exposed to loud noises. To prevent permanent damage (and preserve your hearing), wear earplugs at concerts and sporting events-or even when you mow the lawn.

The mixed messages make you lose feeling in the squished body part because your brain has trouble telling it what to do. To prevent a case of pins and needles, avoid sitting or lying in positions that compress your nerves. When you experience a rapid change in altitude-during takeoff in an airplane or when riding an elevator in an extra-tall building-the Eustachian tube opens to release pressure, and you hear a pop.
To force the tube open (and "pop" your ears), squeeze your nostrils closed while exhaling forcefully through your nose.

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