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Without question I use hearing and eye protection each and every single time I go to the range even when just shooting .22 rifles. At first glance, you may think you have seen what resemble standard headset style ear protection, however there is more to this innovative hearing protection than meets the eye and far more compact and convenient than other hearing protection. ZEM technology develops a number of audio related products based on the years of research and development by a renowned audio research authority, Dr. According to ZEM, the SensGard hearing protection works by directing sound away from the ears. I tested both the SG31 and SG26 models from Sensgard and both worked almost identically, however obviously the 31 provided more hearing protection and were more comfortable to use with larger calibers.
The SensGard hearing protection is also a very light 2oz which you can easily forget you are wearing. Beyond the simple and light design these ZEM hearing protection fold compactly so you have always have them with you. That said indoor ranges you will still want to stuff in your ear plugs and ear muff as I found that that the high decibel shots amplified by the contained shooting range are so loud that even the SG31' 31 DB noise reduction is not enough.

My experience has been that speech is a little muffled, however nowhere near what is with standard ear plugs or ear muffs.
My second reason was that these allow normal conversations without taking off the headsets, are inexpensive, fold compactly, and are light and simple hearing protection all without batteries.
Five individuals who participated in protests over the death of Eric Garner are now suing the New York City Police Department and New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton, citing injuries they claim to have received by sound cannons used by police during the protests.
The complaint was filed Thursday and the incident in question occurred in the early morning hours on December 5, 2014. According to the complaint, Anika Edrei, Shay Horse, James Craven, Keegan Stephan and Michael Nusbaum received ear damage and now suffer from physical ailments which include migraines, nausea and tinnitus, or persistent ringing in the ears. The device, an LRAD model 100X, can reach decibels of up to around 150, comparative to the sound of a jet taking off from around 80 feet. On occasion hearing protection becomes a bit inconvenient especially when listening for range commands, a tactical situation, or when just carrying on a conversation someone at the range. The headphone style of SensGard hearing protection is a compromise between the small and lightweight ear plugs and full-sized ear muffs.

That lightweight and comfortable fit makes these my favorite hot weather hearing protection, because I no longer have sweat running down my earmuffs all while working just a well.
I found these stored nicely in a M16 ammo pouch very well and provided simple access when needed. The plaintiffs claim they were targeted by the NYPD, which used a Long Range Acoustic Device, commonly known as a sound cannon, to disperse protesters. For home defense these are a good option to slip on quickly if time permits to maintain your auditory senses after a shot is fired indoors and still hear things, however I would not recommend them for indoor range use regularly. The length of the ZEM chamber is designed to be most effective in the middle range of sound frequencies.
This particular configuration achieves over 32 decibels of noise reduction and does so evenly across all frequencies.

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